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Layers of heart
*Epicardium-outer, visceral
*Myocardium-middle, muscle, this layer contracts
*Endocardium-inner layer, lines chambers
Semiluner valves
Pulmonic valve
Aortic Valve
R side of heart....
Pulmonary Circulation,
Recieves O2 poor blood, pumps to lungs thru the pulmonary trunk
L side of heart...
O2 Rich blood returned to this side, and pumped throughout the rest of the body
Coronary Sinus
this enlarged Vessel is on the backside of the heart, and several cardiac veins empty into it. It empties into Right atrium
Cardiac conduction system/Nodal system
SA Node--> AV Node-->Bundle of His--> AV Bundle Branches-->Purkinje fibers
Cardiac output
Amount of blood pumped out by each side of the heart in one min.
Stroke Volume
Volume of blood pumped out of vent with each heart beat
3 Coats of Blood Vessel
1.Tunica Intima- inner, thin endothelium
2.Tunica Media- sm. musc and elastic tissue
3.Tunic externa- outermost, fibrous connect. tissue
Blood Pressure Gradient
Pressure the blood exerts against the blood vessel walls
5 factors that influence Blood pressure
1. Neural Factors
2. Renal Factors
3. Temp
4. Chemicals
5. Diet
Volumetric detectors that exist in the atria of the heart. Involved in thirst, when atria stretched, these are shut down.
Suprarenal arteries
serve the adrenal gland
Hepatic portal vein
Drain the digestive organs, spleen, pancreas..
Inferior Mesenteric Vein
Drains the terminal part of the Lg intestine into the splenic vein
Superior Mesenteric Vein
Drains small intestine and 1st part of colon, joins with splenic vein to become Hepatic portal vein
Gastric vein
Drains R side of stomach directly into hepatic portal vein
"damming" up process occurs from inside-out, walls of vessels thicken and then protrude into the vessel lumen
hardening of vessels, scar tissue replaces smooth muscle of bl. vessel walls