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sobre todo
above all
en realidad
al fin y al cabo
when all is said and done
junto con
along with
por mi parte
as far as im concerned
cueste lo que cueste
at all costs
de todos modos
at any rate
caracterizarse por
to be characterized
consistir en
to consist of
to exemplify
ante todo
de hecho
in fact
en particular
in particular
con relacion a (accent o)
in relation to
en breve
in short
a pesar de
in spite of
en primer lugar
in the first place
mientras tanto
sobra decir que
needless to say
por un lado
on the one hand
por otro lado
on the other hand
tomar en cuenta
to take into account
senalar (accent over n)
to point out
por lo tanto
hacerse el sordo
to turn a deaf ear
como consecuencia
en conclusion (accent O)
in conclusion
en resumen
in summary
to give
dale ( accent a)
dar un grito
to let out a scream
darle asco
to gross out
darle susto
to scare or frighten
darle pena
to embarrass
me da que
i get the feeling that
da igual
dar a
to face
darselas de (accent a)
to make onself out to be
to give up
darle aventon (O)
to give somebody a ride
dar en el clavo
to hit the nail in the head
dar lata
to annoy
darle un golpe
to hit
darse cuenta que
to realize that
dar a luz
to give birth
no dar ni la hora
to not give somebody the time of day
dar saltos de alegria (I)
to jump for joy
dar una cachetada
to slap
dar clase
to teach
darle un abrazo
to hug
darle un beso
to kiss
dar la gana
to feel like
dar vuelta
to turn
darle gusto
to be pleased
darle orgullo
to be proud
darle tristeza
to make sad
me das?
could i have
darle risa
to make somebody laugh
darle envidia
to make jealous
dar las espaldas
to turn your back on
dar las gracias
to thank
dar por heco que
to take for granted
dar una carcajada
to crack up
dar la mano
to shake hands
dar con
to run into
dar a entender
to imply
echar una mirada
to glance at
echar una mano
to lend a hand
echar una bronca
to cause a fuss
echarse a reir
to break into laughter
echarse un pedo
to fart
echar pa'lante
to hang in there
echarle preguntas a alguien
to fire questions at somebody
echarle la culpa a alguien
to blame somebody
echale ganas( E)
give it all you got
echar chispas
to get really angry
echar una meadita
to take a leak
echar flores
to compliment
echarle una llamada
to call somebody up
echar lena al fuego
to add fuel to the fire
echarle mal de ojo
to give somebody the evil eye
echarse una siesta
to take a nap
echar a perder
to waste
echar relajo
to have a blast
echar agua en el mar
to do something useless
echar de menos
to miss