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Describe and identify the structure of the skin.
Hypodermis=Subcutaneous tissue
Name Layers of the Epidermis.
Stratum Corneum
Stratum Lucidum (only in thick skin)
Stratum Granulosum
Stratum Spinosum
Stratum Germinativum (Basale)
Where does cornification occur?
What's only found in think skin?
Which is darkly stained & synthisises the H2O-proffing proteins?
Which are spiny shaped cells held by desmosomes?
What is a single layer of cells that attach to basement membrae?
Name the Layers of the Dermis.
Papillary Layer
Reticular Layer
What's made of areolar CT?
What contains papillae?
What is made of irregular dense CT (& adipose)?
What contains sensory receptors & (fiber bundles)lines of cleavage?
Name Hair & Follicle Structures.
shaft (visable)
vessels & nerves
sebaceous gland
Arrector Pili (smooth muscle)
Identify Parts of the Fingernail.
Lunula Eponchium (cuticle)
Nail Bed (blo nail)
Nail Groove
Nail Fold

Eponychium ( in front of the nail root)
Nail Root
Nail body (in front of the nail root)

Hypochium (under the nail body)
Stratum Corneum (the outer layer)
Strarum Germinativium (the inner layer)
Which part is the cuticle?
Which part is below the nail?
Which part is under the nail body?
Which part is in front of the nail root?
Which part is the outer layer?
Which part is the inner layer?
Where are these tissues found inthe body:

1)stratified squamous epithelium
2)adipose (loose CT)
1)forms epidermis layer
2 types:
keritinized & non-keritinized
2)forms subcutaneous tissue (superficial fascia)
skin --> organ attachment
3)forms subcutaneous tissue (superficial fascia)
2 types:
nonessential & essential fat
How do you calculate % body fat?
men:(0.43 x tricep skin fold avg in mm) + (0.58 x subscapular skin fold avg in mm) + 1.47

women: (0.55 x tricep skin fold avg in mm) + (0.31 x subscapular skin fold avg in mm) + 6.13
What are essential fat values in men & women?
men: 3%

women: 12%
Discuss how controlling skin blood flow regulates body temp?
an increase in blood = a higher temperature in that area (green/ blue)

a decrease in blood flow means cooler temperature (yellow/ lgt green)