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Creshendo decreshendo sistolic murmer at left sternal border

high pitched sound after S1
what is the diagnosis
Aortic stenosis caused by congenital bicusped valve
What are the 3 edeologies of aortic stenosis
congenital bicusped aortiv valve
rumatic heart desies

senile or degenerative calsified valve that lipit ability of valve to open
Rumatic desies causing aortic stenosis what heppends
the ends of the valve get tethered together
if some one develups aortic stenosis before 65 we think of
congenital bicusped aortic valve
not a problem at birth but does not age as well
what heppends to the pressures in the LV and aorta in aortic stenosis
harder to get blood through the valve so you will have a guild up of pressure in the LV in order to get blood out. and this will lead to hypertophy of the LV
What is the affect of LV pressure increse
concentric hypertrophy
thick walls without a dialated cavity

stiffness of the vessle, the diastolic presure in the ventrical goes up --> CHF
simtoms of aortic stinosis
can get angina
can get effort related syncopy
- you dont develup simtoms till late
- but once you do only have 3-4 years so you operate early
Which simtom of aortic stenosis is has the worst prognosis
CHF half dead in 2 years
how do you diagnose aortic stenosis
- creshendo decreshendo systolic murmer
- may have a click on aortic valve opening if it is bycusped (right after first heart sound)
- carotid has pulces parvis atardis
(small late pulce - peak delayed)
- left ventricular hypertrophy
EKG - left ventricle hypertoph
what is a senile aortic valve
calciam build ups behind the valve so that it cant open up as well
What is considerd criticsl stenotic aortic valve
less then .5 about the size of a pencil
what is the disadvantage of non tissue valves (micanical valves)
need anticoagulation life long
note that these last longer then tissue valves
what is the prolem with tissue valves
dont need anticoagulations
but dont last as long
use them in older pople that may not need a second operation
path of aortic regurge
caused by valve trouble or aortic root problem
- LV presure
- incresed volume - dilation and exentric hypertophy
- CHF fallows
Aortic stinosis
preser oberload in LV
consentric hypertrophy
aortic regerve what type of hypertrophy
volume overlode
LV dialation
extrisnic hypertrophy
diastolic problem
wide pulse presure
ortic stinosis
you are pushing rilly hard to get blood into the aorta so high diastolic PB but then during sistoly you are loosing some of that volume so low systolic presure.
note only in the crois stinosis
what is the murmer in aortic stinosis
decrechendo murmer during diastoly
you will hear it best when the person is leaning forword and at the end of exporation
sistolic clic with creshendo decreshendo murmer
aortic bicusped valve with stenosis
- use provilactic amoxicilin before dental work
- do pritty well but start to get fetigue