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Types of Anxiety disorders
Panic Disorder (with or w-out agoraphobia)
Specific phobia
Social phobia
GAD d/o
OCD d/o
Acute Stress d/o
Anxiety due to medical condition
Substance-induced anxiety d/o
Somatoform d/o
? Eating d/o’s
? Hypochondriasis
? Body dysmorphic d/o
Heightened arousal accompanied by apprehension, fear, obsessions or the like.
Normal fears
appropriate emotional reactions to real, external threats
Anxiety d/o
occur without obvious external threat, or the response is excessive, and cause impairment.
Anxiety: Prevolence & Co-morbitity
most common d/o
15% of pop.
40% have co-morbid depressive disorder
Panic d/o Criteria
Recurrent, unexpected panic attacks
At least 1 attack is followed by 1 month or more of 1 or more;
- Persistent concerns about having additional attacks
- Worry over consequences of the attack
- A change in behavior related to attack
With or without Agoraphobia
Attacks not due to med condition
Not better accounted for by other psych condition
Panic attack s/s
Is not a diagnosis = symptom complex
= discrete period of:
- intense fear or discomfort
- develops abruptly
- peaks within 10 min

With the following 4 or more s/s:
-Sensation of SOB, smothering
-Fear of dying
-Fear of going crazy or losing control
-Numbness chills or hot flashes