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you can see
they're everywhere
if you see
lots of others
new tunnels
we call
under the ground
work together
under the sidewalk
a little bigger
each year
dig new tunnels
for years
are huge
ant colony
on its head
is going on
to the colony
waving stalks
on its head
all in one
one ant
they pass
ants take
can walk
to the new branch
it will make
to make a bridge
it will make
a fine meal
for the colony
each other
all kinds
things together
can walk across
to the new branch
hatch from
queen's eggs
in wood
are busy
of the log
know why
live in
with the leaves
held over
carry them
ants eat
of leaves
ants live
join together
stiff leaves
spin the thread
from inside
tending them
take care of