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Conventional antipsychotics differ how from typicals
Decrease + s/s
Increase - s/s
Increase EPS
Increase galactorrhea, bone demineralization, wt gain and sexual side effects
Blocking dopamine in mesolimbic pathways does what
Decrease + s/s
Blocking dopamine in mesocortical pathways
Increase - s/s
Blocking dopamine in nigrostriatal pathway
EPS, Parkinsonia, and long term = TD
Blocking dopamine in Tubuloinfundibular
Increase prolactin=galactorrhea, bone demineralization, wt gain, sexual side effects
Blocking muscarinic cholinergic causes what
dry mouth, blurred vision, constipation, cognitive blunting, urine retention
Those medications with hi anticholinergic effects
have less EPS
Alph 1 adronergic
cardiovascular othostatic hypotension
How they work
Serotonin dopamine antagonists
Serotonin 2A
Dopamine 2 antagonist
Increase dopamine when seratonin 2A is blocked
Decreased EPS
decrease - s/s
Decrease prolactin
+ s/s improve
Resperidone becomes a typical when?
At higher doses
Resperidone improves what?
cognitive function, mood
Resperidone is used when?
Bipolar: manic and depressed
Schizophrenia when less wt gain is preferred.
Olanzapine is used when?
difficult cases of schiz and Bipolar, depressed bipolar
Olanzapine is not used with who?
DM, Hyperlipidemia, obese, Hi LFT
Quetiapine has less sedative effects when?
Doses over 300mg
Quetiapine can cause what eye problem?
Cataracts and needs annual eye exams
Quetiapine is used with who?
Parkinson's psychosis, Bipolar and dementia
Ziprazidone is absorbed quicker when?
Taken with food
Ziprazidone differs from other atypicals how?
Serotonin 1D antagonist
Serotonin 1A agonist
Inhibits seratonin and NE reuptake
Ziprazidone used as what else other than antipsychotic?
Antidepressant and anxiolytic
Ziprazidone not used with what patients?
Those at risk for hypokalemia or hypo magnesemia; not after MI, not with CHF
Not with diuretics, burns, GI problems, hypoparathyroid, malnurished or ETOH
Not with Lithium, mellaril, lavaquin, baxtrim, e-mycin due to elongation of QT interval.
When may the dose of ziprazadone need increased or decreased due to meds?
Decreased if ketaconazole, erythromycin or some HIV meds
Increased when on mood stabilizer/anticonvulsants.
When is ziprazadone used?
Bipolar with psychotic, manic s/s, rapid cycler and mized