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What is the most common protozoa in veterinary medicine?
What genus of coccidia are dogs and cats infected with?
genus Isospora
How can one identify the coccidia agent in dogs and cats?
fecal floatation
When is disease seen in dogs and cats with coccidia infection?
animals have suboptimal nutrition, immune status or stress
What is the treatment of choice for small animals with coccidia infection?
sulfonamides, single agent- sulfadimethoxine
What potentiated sulfonamides are used for the treatment of coccidia in small animals?
Why is prolonged treatment required with sulfonamides for coccidia infection treatment?
because the sulfonamides are primarily effective against the shizont stage
What is the MOA of trimethoprim/ormetoprim tx of coccidia?
blocks hihydrofolate reductase in folic acid synthesis; synergistic with sulfonamides
How is trimethoprim/ormetoprim excreted?
hydroxyalated and excreted through the urine
What is the effects of sulfa toxicity?
1.crystallization in urinary tract-crystalluria-hematuria and urinary obstruction
2. nephrotoxic
3. thrombocytopenia/leukopenia
4. hypersensitivity rxn/drug fever/uticaria/nonseptic polyarthritis
What single agent sulfonamide is used for the treatment of coccidia?
How long should treatment be continued with sulfadimethoxine?
12 to 21 days
What route of administration is the most effective route for sulfadimethoxine?
oral route, though can be also given as an injectable
What are the contraindications of administering Sulfadimethoxine/ormetoprim?
don't give if hepatic damage/blood dyscrasias or previous sulfonamide sensitivity
What potentiated sulfonamide is approved in humans?
sulfonamide/trimethoprim, example: sulfamehtoxazole/trimethoprim
What drug competes with thiamine for absorption into the parasite?
Is amprolium better used as a preventative of treatment?
What defiency can be seen with administration of amprolium?
thiamine deficiency
What are some signs seen in dogs with toxoplasmosis?
neurologic, seizures, fever, tonsilties, tremor, ataxia
What are some signs seen in cats with toxoplasmosis?
anorexia, lethargy, dyspnea, weight loss, icterus, vomiting, diarrhea, stiff gait, uveitis, central nervous system involvement, death
What drug is used to treat Toxoplasmosis?
What agent causes severe fatal pseudomembranous enterocolitis in humans?
Clostridium difficile
Sulfa plus Pyrimehtamine is structurally similiar to what drug?
folic acid antagonist trimethoprim
What is Pyrimethamine used to treat?
used to treat toxoplasmosis and EPM
Pyrimethamine and sulfa are used in conjugation with what agent?
Brewers yeat
What can pyrimethamine and sulfa cause?
anorexia, depression, and myelosuppression