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What is the mode of action of organophosphates?
acteylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibitors; causes paralysis
What are drugs that make up the Macrocyclic Lactones?
Ivermectin, Milbemycin Oxime, Doramectin, and Moxidectin
What is the MOA of Ivermectin?
Kills parasites by enhancing the effects of inhibitory neurotrasmitter- Glutmate,(<GABA), causing flaccid paralysis of affected parasite, thus causing their death or expulsion
What is important to know about Macrocyclic lactones as they relate to the CNS?
Macrocyclic lactones do not cross the mammalian BBB, thus have a widemargin of safety
Toxicity of Ivermectin is reduced with what drug?
What is Eqvalan?
Ivermectin in horses in liquid or past
What is the ivermectin product that is used in dogs and cats?
What is the difference between the Heartguard-30 and Heartguard-30 Plus?
Heartguard-30 Plus contains ivermectin and pyrantel for dogs
How is ivermectin excreted?
Fecal excretion is about 98%, the rest in urine, and if pregnant, 5% in milk in lactaing females
What Avermectin product can produce adverse reaction reported in collies and collie-mixed breeds?
What is Milbemycin Oxime formulation used in combination with?
What is the milbemycin oxime and lufenuron combination used to treat?
prevention and control of flea infestation, protection against heartworm
What drug is considered an endectocide, and what is the definition?
milbemycin oxime, and it has activity against internal and external parasites
What are the heterocyclic compounds?
phenothiazine, piperazine, and diethyl-carbamazine
What heterocyclic compound drug mode of action is to induce flaccid paralysis in worms
What heterocyclic compound has moderate effect on pinworm effection?
Which heterocyclic compound is the piperazine derivative?
Diethylcarbamazine Citrate (DEC)
Excretion of DEC is % urine, % unchanged
70% excreted in the urine, and 10 to 25% excreted unchanged
DEC is combined with what drug mainly?
When can peak concentrations be seen after DEC administration?
3 hours
What are the Heartworm Adultlicides?
Thiacetarsamide Sodium and Melarsomine
What is the job ot the heartworm adulticides?
these agents kill adult heart worms but have no significant affect on circulating microfiliarie.
Adverse reactions with Thiacetarsamide?
given IV can be very irritating to the tissues, hepatotoxic, and nephrotoxic
Before administration of Thiacetarsamide, what do we want to obtain and why?
Obtain full blood work to evaluate the liver and kidney fxns.
What can the toxicity of Melarsomine be reversed with?
3 mg/kg dimercaprol
What agent is approved for chicken and swine
Toulene is used in what spp.?
dogs and cats
Thenium Chlosylate
used for efficacy against canine hookworms