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What are anticestodals?
Anticestodals are drugs that treat infection of cestodes such as tapeworms or segmented flatworms
what are taeniacids?
inhibit the tapeworms
what are taeniaFuge
they cause the explusion of the tapeworms
what is capable of reattaching after explusion?
the cestode scolex
Why is it important to control intermediate host of cestodes?
Virtually all cestodes have an indirect life cycle, and control intermediate hosts to prevent infection
What are the intermediate host of cestodes in dogs and cats?
fleas and lice
What are the intermediate host of cestodes in horses and ruminants?
the oribatid soil mites
What are some natural organic compunds that act as anticestodals?
cucurbitene, male fern extracts, kamala, arecoline, and nicotine sulfate
What are some inorganic compounds that act as anticestodals?
tin and lead arsenate
Name nine new synthetic organic compounds that are anticestodals?
Bunamidine hydrochloride, Niclosamides, Dicholorphen, Hexachlorophene, Rosorantel, Bithional, Praziquantel, Epsiprantel, and benzimidazoles
Which synthetic organic compound (anticestodal) causes fatal adverse reaction in large dogs?
Bunamidine hydrochloride
what synthetic organic compound (anticestodal) was used in dogs and cats in 1960 to 1980's?
What is dicholorophen combined with to treat against cestodes?
What is dicholorophen?
a taeniacide in dogs and cats that is combined with toluene
What synthetic organic compound (anticestodal) is used more as an antirematodal drug but used in sheep, cattle, dogs, and poultry for cestocide effects?
What is Rosorantel?
a synthetic organic anticestodal drug used in some parts of Europe that is highly (95%) effective in sheep and cattle flukes
What is Bithional used to treat?
it's a phenolic compound used outside North AMerica for the treatment in dog, cats, and poultry and tapeworms and rumen fluke infection in sheep, cattle, and goats
What is Praziquantel used to treat?
wide spectrum for adult and larval cestodes of animals and humans, and against schistosome trematodes that are pathogenic to humans
How is Praziquantel absorbed, distributed, metabolized, and excreted?
rapidly absorbed from GI tract, distributed to all organs and may cross the BBB, metabolized in the liver and excreted in urine as metabolites
What is Epsiprantel used to treat?
marketed for dogs as anticestodal drugs but it is also effective in cats
What drug is chemically related to epsiprantel?
What antinematodal drugs are also effective against certain tapeworms and flukes
What is Fasciola Hepatica
the most common liver fluke in domestic animals, worldwide
What is Paraphistomosis?
the rumen fluke, common in sheep and cattle
What is Paragonimus?
Lung Fluke occasionally diagnosed in dogs and cats
What are Flukicides?
marketed for livestock are mostly for adult flukes
What drug is effective against adult flukes that is a derivative of benzene?
What is Bithional Sulfoxide used to treat?
active against liver and rumen flukes in cattle, and some anticestodal properites
What is Hexachlorophene used to treat?
good efficacy for adult flukes, not in US
What are Bromsalans used to treat?
for the treatment of mature and immature liver flukes
What is Oxyclozanide combined with for the treatment of adult flukes?
What antirematodal is a nitro substituted analog fo hexachlorophene?
What is Niclofolan used to treat?
adult flukes and some efficacy against immature liver flukes
What drug (antitrematodal) is most effective when given IM or SC?
What drug (antitrematodal)may stain hair or wool yellow if spilled on coat?
How should Rafoxanide be adminsitered?
as bolus or drenching suspension, mostly in sheep and cattle
What are Bromophenophos used to treat?
treats liver flukes in cattle
What drug (antitrematodol) is used for beef and cattle regardless of lactation status?
What is Clorsulon?
An antitrematodal sulfonamide drug
What is Clorsulon normally combined with for SC injection in cattle?
When should milk be obtained from a cow that has been treated with Clorsulon?
after 72 hours, effects last for about 60-70 hours
When should beef animals treated wiht Clorsulon be slaughtered?
not within eight days of treatment
True or False: Clorsulon is safe to use in pregnant and animals of breeding
What antitrematodal is a salicylanilide derivative?
What is Closantel used to treat?
flukicide for sheep and cattle; used in horses to prevent or reduce infection of S. vulgaris and gastrophilius
What other class of drugs can be used as antitermatodal drugs?
Benzimidazoles: Albendazole, Fenbendazole, Triclabendazole
What drug is best against immature liver flukes?
Diamphenethide (Corbin)
True or False: as the flukes get older, Diamphenthide becomes less effective
What spp of animal is Diamphenthide used for and how is it administered?
oral administration is done in sheep and goats, mostly used in sheep
True or False: Brotianide is marketed in Europe for sheep and cattle, and not used in the US