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Antifungal agents (5)
Imidazoles: Drugs in this class all end in what?

ALL are hepatotoxic
Fluconazole is the DOC for what?
most fungal infections;
thrush (candidiasis)
severe but non-disseminated coccidiodomycosis
cryptococcal (not meningeal)
What is the drug of choice for vaginal candidiasis?
Alternative drug of choice for vaginal candidiasis in an HIV (+) patient?
topical nystatin

DOC: topical miconazole
What are phaeohyphomycoses ?
Rare infections caused by black molds
What is the DOC for blastomycosis, histoplasmosis, and sporotrichosis?
Is Itraconazole more or less heaptotoxic than fluconazole?
List the adverse effects of Voriconazole? (3)
severe skin reactions, photosensitivity, and hepatotoxicity
What tests must be monitored continuously when using Voriconazole?
liver function tests and creatinine
DOC for aspergillosis and rare aggressive fungal species (scedosporium apiospermum)?
Ketoconazole is the DOC for what?
tinea versicolor
MOA of imidazoles?
interact with the fungal P450; blocking demethylation of Ianosterol to ergosterol
Ergosterol is necessary for healthy fungal cell membranes
Does Amphotericin B cross the placenta?
MOA of Amphotericin B
binds ergosterol in the fungal cell membrane; developing a pore which electrolytes will cross and results in severe electrolyte imbalances and fungal death
Which antifungal has the potential to cause renal failure, type I renal tubular acidosis, and hypokalemia?
Amphotericin B
What drug has similar action to amphotericin B but is used topically because of high systemic toxicity?
MOA of Griseofulvin
interacts with microtubules to disrupt mitotic spindles thereby inhibiting mitosis
Which antifungal accumulates in keratin, making skin and nails unsuitable for fungal growth?
Which antifungal acts as a nucleoside analog and inhibitts DNA synthesis?
5-flucytosine (5FC)
5-flucytosine in combo with amphotericin is another 1st line treatment of what?
cryptococcal meningitis

can cause bone marrow suppression
DOC for onychomycosis (fungal nail infections) and for tinea capitis (ringworm of the scalp)?
Terbinafine inhibits what enzyme necessary for ergosterol synthesis?
squalene epoxidase
Terbinafine is contraindicated in which patients?
Those with liver disease because it can cause severe hepatitis
Drug similar to Terbinafine but used topically and therefore less toxic?
Butenafine is the drug of choice for all types of tinea except?
tinea capitis

DOC: terbinafine
True of False

ALL Imidazoles are hepatotoxic?
Which antifungal is hepatotic and teratogenic; will cause a disulfiram-like reaction when alcohol is ingested and will cause a photosensitivity rash?
Which antifungal can severely damage kidneys, cause hypokalemia and anemia and may also result in hypotension and neurological effects?
Are nystain and miconazole used orally or topically?