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What is the MOA of beta-lactams and what classes are included in there?
MOA: inhibit bacterial wall synthesis by binding to one or more of the PBPs in the cell wall.
Class: PCN, cephalosporins, carbapenems, monobactams.
What is the activity level for natural pencillins and what are the names of the pencillins included in them?
Limited activity:
- Pencillin V Potassium
- Pencillin G Sodium or Pot
- Procain pencillin
- Benzathine pencillin
What organisms do natural pencillins work best against fighting?
USED prophylactic, mild infections.
- Treponema pallidum (DOC)
- enterococci
- meningococci
What are a.e. of natural pencillins?

hyperkalemia w/ renal dysfunction.
- Jarish-Herxheimer reaction: due to release of protein by syphillis 1-12 hrs.
- Culprit for drug fever.
When administering procaine vs. benzathine what is the advantage:
- procain: IM Q 12-24 HRS.
- benzathine: IM one time dose last 1-4 wks.
What are the different kinds of pencillins?
- Natural Pencillins
- Extended spectrum
- Aminopencillins
- Pencillase resistant pencillins.
What is the activity level for aminopencillins?
DOC: Strept. pneumoniae and H. influenza (not beta-lactamase producing)
What are the classifications for aminopencillins
Amoxicillin (PO)
Ampicillin (IV/PO)

Ampicillin never given PO, give amoxicillin instead.
What are the different disease states that aminopencillins can cover?
- upper respiratory infections (Otitis media)
- urinary tract infections
- STDs
- prophylaxis for dental producers (H.pylori)
What should you worry about with aminopencillins
- rash w/ patients who have mononucleosis
- c. diff collitis
What are some of the pencillase producing enzymes?
H. influenzae
M. catarrhalis
Staph. aureus, saprophyticus, epidermidis
enterobacteria (klebsiella, proteus, e.coli, citrobacter)
What are the drugs under penicillinase-resistant penicillins?
- Methicillin
- Nafcillin
- Oxacillin
- Dicloxacillin
- Cloxacillin
What is the activity level of pencillase resistant pencillins
- Narrow
- S. aureus or epidermis, and some strains of strept.
- no activity against gram - bacteria.
What do pencillinase - resistant pencillins treat?
- cellulitis and endocarditis
Treat infections caused by staphylococcus.
What are the a.e. of
over effect?
oxacillin: hepatotoxicity
naficillin: phlebitis
Na overload (3.1 mEqNa/gram)