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Why is antibiotic resistant bacteria now prevalent?
B/c using antibiotic resistance too much, bacteria becomes immune to it & bodies evolve so they are use to it
Why does resistance evolve so quickly in bacterial and viral populations?
b/c generations change so quickly
What is the cost of resistance to the bacterium or virus? How can the cost be overcome by the bacterium?
loss of functions b/c new chemical biological pathways


Isolated patients
How do you prevent the evolution of antibiotic resistance?
Cannot, people will adapt, maybe if people stop taking antibiotics
Where is HIV most prevalent in the world?
S. Africa
What is the flow of "information" in HIV?
What are drug treatments of HIV problematic?
Reverse transcriptase
What is AZT?
Antbiotic drug for AIDS
Where do mutations occur that influence AZT resistance?
in the RNA (T-Cells)
Why does resistance to AZT evolve so quickly?
mutation is favored by selection (evolution)
Why does treatment suspension seem to work in overcoming resistance to HIV?
not enough time for immunity to take place