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what antibiotic might be affected if the bacteria use another pathway to form DNA precursers
altered PBPs are linked with resistant to what antibiotics
1. methicillin
2. penecillin in Neisseria, H. influenzae, and p. aeruginosa
alteration of cell wall precurser targets plays a role in what two antibiotic resitance
vancomycin and teichoplanin
alteration of 30s subunit (alteration of ribosomal targets) play a role in what antibiotic resistant

not as common in gentamycin because it has multiple ribosomal targets
methylation of 23S rRNA (component of 50S ribosome) plays a role in what antibiotic resistance
antibiotic efflux from the cell plays a role in what two antibiotic resistance
tetracycline and fluconazole resistance
altered inner membrane transporters (alterd membrane permeability) affects
aminoglycosides, rare since usually deleterious regarding PMF
altered outer membrane porins decreased expressed (altered membrane permeability) affects what three antibiotics
B-lactams, nalidixic acid, and chloramphenicol
hydrolyzes lactone ring
erythromycin esterase
acetylation of chloramphenicol
chloramphenicol acetyltransferase
modifies drug druing transport across the cytoplasmic membrane
aminoglycoside modifying enzymes
cleaves the b-lactam ring
B-lactamases -