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Levy-Bruhl Theory of Primitive Mentality
implies that some are more evolved than others
witchcraft (trad)
inherent power to harm others by supernatural means:
witchcraft (anth)
a closed systema nd effective mechanism of social control;

a strategy of exclusion and breaking down relationships
witchraft libles
-food lible
-sexual lible
-blood lible
something set aside (sacred or profane)
about making a boundary, making clear a situation, etc...
heirarchal social system (hereditary) that determines occupation, socialization, where you go, etc..
how we make the world visible to others
homo heirarchicus (homo Aequalis)
(Dumont) same heirarchy/ equality: pure encompasses pollution, not other way around; about encompassment, not opposition.
Sapir-Wharf's theory
words we have shape the way we view the world
Problems with Sapir-Wharf's theory
just because we can't communicate an idea doesn't mean we can't comprehend it; cause and effect confused- language developed out of need