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Who collected wild cereals and hunted gazelles?
Why could the Natufians stay in the same place?
they could harvest wild cereal for 6 months and hunt animals attracted to the stuble
Did our ancestors of the New World domesticate large game animals?
No, because it wasn't important
What were staple crops in the New World?
maize, potatoes & manioc
In the new world how long was it after the origin of cultivation before the first states arose?
several millena
Where was the original center of maize domestication?
Valley of Oaxaca
What are the pros of domestication?
greater yields of food can feed more people
What are the cons of domestication?
more labor intensive
decreased quality of life
diseases proliferation i.e. standing water
enviromental degredation
social inequality
crime, war
greater reliance on others
less freedom