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Achieved status
the status an individual acquires during the course of her or his lifetime.
Ascribed status
the status a person has by virtue of birth.
a rigid form of social stratification in which membership is determined by birth and social mobility is nonexistent.
a ranked group within a stratified society characterized by achieved status and considerable social mobility.
Conflict theory
a theory of social stratification that argues that society is always changing and in conflict because individuals in the upper stratum use their wealth, power, and prestige to exploit those below them.
Egalitarian societies
Societies that recognize few differences in status, wealth, or power.
Ethnic group
a group of people who share many of the same cultural features.
Functional theory
a theory of social stratification holding that social stratification exists because it contributes to the overall well-being of a society.
the capacity to produce intended effects on oneself, other people, social situations, or the environment.
social honor or respect within a society.
a subgroup of the human population whose members share a greater number of genes and physical traits with one another than they do with members of other subgroups.
Rank societies
societies in which people have unequal access to prestige and status but not unequal access to wealth and power.
Social mobility
the ability of people to change their social position within the society.
Stratified societies
societies characterized by considerable inequality in all forms of social rewards—that is power, wealth, and prestige.
the accumulation of material objects that have value within a society.