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A small primate which is not DIMORPHIC.
Pair-bond and neither sex is dominant over the other. It is important because the pair bonding is similar to the way human bond, but it hasn't been used as a model for human development
(gibbons= monkey)
Great Apes (other than baboons)
- Chimpanzees
-adult female
-male on their own(young male leave the group)
-social group
-only visit femal to mate
-diominate female
-diminate male
(King and Queen)
-Biggest and oldest gorilla is the dominate one for male and female
- not really dimorphic
-male big teeth
-femiale skin over gentials
- enjoy sex
-Female are nursing and pregnant mostly of their whole life
Primate X-baboon-specially "Hamadryas"
1)location: lived where early humans energed from
2)show clear pattern of male dominance
-Social Arrangement
- one male that dominates one or more female
the existence of two forms of individual within the same animal species
(independent of sex difference)
Baule motherhood
contemporary culture from Africa
Women- religion, rights to crops, in charage of other women
-children especially girls thought to belong to women alone "mother had daughters"
-wealth families= mom would sent their sons or daughters to the wealtheier families
-women get salaries job in factories or trade they make more money
-children in country alot eaiser than in the city cost money
-women raised children in city is so hard
-take older kids is easier than youngest
-motherhood is a learned skill=don't have to give birth, just have to figure out how to do it.
Aka Fatherhood
Location: southern Central African Republic and northern CongoBrazzaville
-children(infant) are just as bonded to mom as they are to dad through childhood
-dedicate their lives to child care
- let kids learn things on their own
-men are just as capable as learning it as women
Brazilian infant mortality
-women divided babies in 2 group= one that want to lived/one that wanted to die
-1) got more food attention etc
2) neglected
-economoic, don't get attached, no birth control, religion.
Fox/Mesquakie (Anonoymous)
Location: western part of New York state then move to Iowa
-Had a deed from teh U.S. Gov (so not kick out the land)
-mostly hunters
-decorated people=clothes, shelter, themselves
-marries were stable, but divorce and separaton were accepted
- highly religious people(upper realm- sky/heavens
lower realm- earth/ground-all sacred)