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Menstrual huts
they prick her all over with a sharp sticks and make her bleed all over. transfer the bad thing on to something else.
Gender in archaeological objects
remain of art, settlement. materical on diet, styles of lice, and levels of technology.
Theory- men have been in charge a women cared for children and if they did anything , it would be gathering
The Inca and beer
theory=Inca was dominate women figured out how to make beer-men druank beer than women figure out a way to dominated and rise of the INca and did it.Domestic public therory is that first try ot explain gender roles. women have power in the home and men have power outide of home.
"Venus" figures
the evidence was found about 12,000 years ago figure one pieces other art, paintings of animals, animlas look to be sophistarcated in anatomy. it can be mean early porn, or women were objects, or religion or woemn as spriitual beings.
story from the beginning of the world(like the bible) Greek amazon
theory- a drawing that she says mean it was a matriarchy its a pregnant women or its a river, or it a doodle.
Maria Gimbutas
want to prove to Bachfen theory: bible history of Jesus
Noah's flood
story Amazon= matriarchy
Maya queens
Shield Jaguar married 2 wifes 1. Lady Shark 2. Lady Evening star. Shield like Lady Evening star better than Shark, Her son name is Bird Jaguar. No one can become king unitl 2 wife died. Bird Jaguar learned from his dad that only married one wife.
Developed by Joe Radnerd, later devloped by lanser
3 Kinds of coding:
explicit- women are likely to use implict coding to resis domesticity, kids using piglation when you really want to hide the message, but everyone knows your hiding the message
complicit-all coding is done at risk-you and somone have agreed on a code and no one else know your coding can be visual.
Implicit- got idea from lansers mother- everynite dinner would burn. so eventually she didn't cook women were forced against and into domestic roles.
Burning dinner
proper meal women don't cook for themselves. Husbands are the most importants
foodways- the meaning of the food itself. (meaning in culture how its prepared, who prepareds etc.
show off their gifts to their husband, co-wives are the most important, then kawa, then husbands
-Bond friends
-men and women are generally isolated , sometime had sex together.
male rituals/rites of passage
marked transition from one stage of life to another.
ex: barmisfa's guincentas,circumized, 21st birthday, commencement
Male rituals- male are more likely to go their rites of passage rather than women
-between 7-10 boys are taking away to a "clubhouse" and live there unitl they get married @ 16-18. Women don't go through a right of passage just get period and have kids
Sambia stages of male initiation
men live where their families and grandfather live.Men to be like strong, brave, bread winner, etc. a men is not considered a man unitl he has two children.
Women's naming in rural Hong Kong
Women not named after 30 days for girls Girl get negative names, Given at birth last name come from fathers last name. When they get married they lsoe their name other than 50 and 50 wife , ok with his mom permission
Men's naming in rural Hong Kong
Boys get their postive names right away after birth.
the state become more complex, it becomes more involved in the management of sexuality/ We regi;ate sex there are rules and limits not all cultures view sex that way we do.
Bower v Hardwick
1986-Busted Hardwick having sex with his bf, got arrested for violating sodomy laws. He appealed all the way to the Supreme court and upheld the convintion for 18 yrs.
Bedouin wedding ceremonies
When a bedouin girl is married she is to be a virgin, there is test of virginity. Wedding is during the day. brought in the bedroom with bride, groom and mother in law. White cloth and either using penis or finger groom break her hymen and using the cloth to catch the blood. It is then through thrown to her relatives outside of the room. Test- girl must be virgin till marry (South and North Africa and Islamic) mother goes into room when break virgin not virgin brother will kill his sister
Nai and anthropologist
locaiton: South Africa
Nai born in 50s'
she very attacted to her mother.
1978- white people came
she had 2 kids 1st died right away and 2nd almost healed but died. She have short face
Hijra (3rd Gender)
India has a castesystem stratified layer class system born into are part of the lowest class "untouchable"
Taboo- cultural negatives
powerful speciifically in a religious or spiritualaspect, they can put spell cast them on you
- can get married with men, can be ritual wives but not a "full marriage" or "true marriage"
-found among Hindu- NO buddha
-sex with a man, not a female
could have sex with a hijra or a female. if sex with woman it not acceptable to the culture.
-biologically male-culturally female
Amazon of America (4th Gender, North and south America)
Female who are culturally male wide-spread phenonmenon.(biologically female- culturally male)
Amazon river is called that because 4th gender lived there. Some culture that had 3rd also had 4th.
Berdache-3rd gender phenomenon among native americans.
3rd and 4th Gender
3rd- biologically male-culturally female
Hijra(India) will have sex with a man not a female.
4th- people who are biologically female but culturally male rules for the management of gender. People worry more about the rules about sex than they do gender.
Women's intimate friendships
short term sanctioned relationships between woman that does involve sex, but cus it's short term it dosen't affect the larger cultural gender structure.
ex) south African: mummy-baby relationship between two adol girl. one younger one older that it is designed to teach girls how to act with older boys. They kiss and touch eachother so they know how to act with a man. When the "mummy" get engaged the relationship stop with "the Baby" usually mummys 15-16
baby-13-14 one kind of ex
Women's erotic ritual
a right of passage- women mumic or have sex with other woman one time thing
ex- austraila complicated ritual of when a women get her period ritual of women having sex with woman
Agta Hunting
Northeast phillipines
women-hunt and pride themselves of being good at it. likely to use nets and dogs, likely to gather crop crayola paste use crayola to get more goods not hunting during pregnacy
Men-are more likely to hunt large game,do blacksmitting
women and men are equal by parents decide who marries who agda have equal gender corralation between division of labor and measure equality equality of gender
Samurai code
Japanese orgin-samurai class. traditional warriors of Japanese nobility bound by code of behavior . Lost power in 1868
Estu's family structure
born in 1876, had all expectations without power. expected to trained kids how to fight,know herself how to fight, handle money and supply,the army with whatever they need. Mother taught her serve tea, arrange flower etc.
scholars argue that he is on the right track but he over-simplifies not just about commodificaiton of goals. No real distinction between public and private division of labor is recripcal. When state becomes a factor you see emmergence of class, private property, nuclear family and commdafictions of goods- all of these things caused the subortination of women. any women who lives in a system run by a government will be 2nd class citizen
ex- sayings not commodification of goods, instead decline of kinship group by karen Sack
Idea was used by Marks and Engles to explain changes in economic and government structure
x -x
y -y
Shulamith Firestone
sex get tied up in this people shld have sex with whoever they want to. Men with women, women with man, women with women, child with adults, adults, adult with animals, etc.
Once sex is about desire only and the diea of reproductions is removed you can achieve gender equality and be communist people who were good at raising kids would raise kids etc.
Fox Menstrual and Pregency Belif
menstual huts are created and ususally the mom or grandmother help girls in menstrual huts. Folk belief pratice prick the stick to make it bleed make less bleed during cycle. Sent girl to huts for 10 days. Pregnancy belief girl not to touch husband feets while pregnant will cause her have a breached birth only born feets first
Oppedual complezx
boy natural bond with mother boy fell in love with mother because of sexual. Boy need be seperate from mother because of men right passage. Boy need to be in man world.
Kunj Women sexuality
sex is good shld use it often but white people come in sexuality become conflict as culture change.
Female in evolution
the idea that one sex or another is plausible reponsible for evolution it will help us to image the prehistorical
Hausa compound
live3 in north side of nigeria women west confined to the home only when men want to see his wife it would be the women leave the hut compound called Gida.
sun sets on soubbonet sue
Traditional guilt theme. Shapeless submissive female figure. ONe type of implicit coding. A way of resisting domesticity. she does things she not suppose to.
Biology is destiny
biological determinsm= male strenth, bonding, aggressive, female reproduction. Important because we assume biology is destiny but there are culture constructs that suggest it is not
Gender roles in media
superman and bride- men can do anything important because media is what tell us right and wrong for gender
Value vs of male and female
men strong, dominate, etc. women= nursing, etc most postive with mascinity vs feminity major way we control gender role
highly stratified system women can transmit status gained power
War fare
societies engaged in large scale war women status increase during the war then decrease when war is over
if women have control over values goods like to have status
ex= people in africa women have elaborate trade status so they have high status
view of women will affect ther status regardless of stat view
womens status doesn't necessary increase or decrease but these ex show where it more complicates