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What is the oldest species on our charts and what is its age range?
Sehelanthropus tchadensis, 7 to 6 mybp
Who discovered Sehelanthropus tchadensis and where was it discovered?
Brunet and Djimdoumalbaye 2001 in Chad, Centural Africa
What is the cranial capacity of Sahelanthropus tchadensis?
What are some of the main features of Sahelanthropus tchadensis?
It is ape like
no post cranial bones were found
the foramen magnum is positioned towards the back of the skull which indicates quadrupedal locomotion
maybe an early gorilla or other species of ape
Where was Orrorin tugenesis found and by whom?
Found in Baringo, Kenya by Pickford and Senut in February 2001
What age is Orrorin tugensis?
What are the features of Orrorin tugensis?
Nicknamed "Millennium Man"
Find included teeth, femur, mandible and misc arm bones
approximately the size of a female chimp
may have neem a climber and bipedal
Who discovered Ardipithecus kaddaba, when and where?
Haile Selassie in July 2001 in Centural Ehtiopia
What is the age range for Ardipithecus kaddaba?
5.8-5.2 mybp
What are the listed features of Ardipithecus kaddaba?
first classified as Ardipithecus ramidus- renamed kaddaba in 2004
teeth, toe bones, lower arm bones of 5 or more individuals
Tentative biped
Who discovered Ardipithecus ramidus and where?
Time white, Suwa, and Asfaw in 1993 in Aramis Ethiopia.
Was Ardipithicaus ramidus bipedal?
Yes the foramen magnum was situated very far forward.
What age is Ardipithicaus thought to be?
5.8-4.4 mybp
What is the Australopithecus Range?
Chat and East Africa (Rift Valley)