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What dates are Australopithecus anamensis believed to have lived?
4.2-3.9 mybp
Where was Australopithecus anamensis first discovered? Who discovered it the first and the second time?
First discovered in Kanapoi, Kenya by Brian Patterson 1965. The second time rediscovered and named by Meave Leaky in 1995
What are the features of Australopithecus anamensis?
mixture of primitive features in the skull
Teeth and Jaws similar to older fossil apes
Human-like humerus
tibia shows strong evidence of bipedalism
When was Australopithecus afarensis discovered, by whom and when?
Discovered in Hadar, Ethiopia by Don Johanson in 1973
What is the most famous member of the Australipithecus anamensis species?
"Lucy" the True Biped
What is the date of Australipithecus anamensis? And the cranial capicity?
3.9-3.0 mybp and 375-550cc
What are the features of Australipithecus anamensis?
Ht 3'6-4'6 Wt 65-100lbs
Dentition: large molars, thick enamel, reduced canines
Sexyally dimorphic
True biped
What date is Kenyanthropus platyops?
3.5-3.2 mybp
Where and by whom was Kenyanthropus platyops discovered?
Lomekwi, Kenya by Justus Erus team member with Meave Leakey in 1999.
What are particular to Kenyanthropus playops?
The specimen this species is based on has a great deal of distortion due to the condition of the skull
It is thought that this could be Australopithicas afarensis
"f;at faced man of Kenya"
Where and by whom was Australopithecus bahrelghazali discovered?
Northern Chad, by Brunet in 1993
What date is Australopithecus bahrelghazali?
What particular features are present in Australopithecus bahrelghazali?
It is the most Northern Australopithecine
Appears to be herbivorous
What is the date and nickname for Australopithecus africanus?
3-2mybp nicknamed "Taungchild" and "Southern Ape"
Who discovered Australopithecus africanus, when and where?
Found in a Limestone Quarry in Taung, South Africa by Ramond Dart
What is the cranial capicity and special features of Australopithecus africanus?
Ht 3'8-4'6 Wt 65-90lbs
sexual dimorphism
Dentition: small canines, no diastema, small molars
In Australopithecines there are two Body Types. What are they
Gracile vs. Robust
Gracile Australopithecines are more likely to be our ancesters. What are the three gracile species?
anamensis, africanus, and gahri
Robust Australopithecines are a dead end line- aka. Paranthropicines. What are the three Robust species?
aethopicus, robstus, boisei
Australopithecus aethiopithecus was discovered by whom, where and when?
Arambourg and Coppens discovered aethiopithecus in 1967 in Omo, Ethiopia.
What was the date of Australopithecus aethiopithecus, and the cranial capacity?
2.5mybp and 410cc
What is the nickname of Australopithecus awthiopithecus?
'The Black Skull'
Who, what and where was Australopithecus garhi discovered?
In 1997 Yohannes Haile-Selassie discovered in in Bouri, Ethipoia
What is A. garhi's cranial capicity and date?
450cc (one speciman) 2.5mybp
What features are particualr to A. garhi?
Found w/ Butchered animal bones
Named by Asfaw in 1999
Decended from A. afarensis
Whom, where and what time was Australopithecus boisei?
In 1959 by Mary Leakey Oldwai Gorge, East Africa
Australopithecus boisei was dated at? And the cranial capacity is?
What features does boisei have?
First known as Zinjanthropas
Dished Face Ht: 3'6-4'6 Wt 75-110lbs
Short canines, small front teeth, very large molars
Australopithecus robustus was discovered where, when and by whom?
Discovered by Robert Broom in 1938 in Kromdraii, South Africa
What is A. robustus dated at? What is the cc?
2-1mybp with 530cc
What features does A robustus have?
aka. Paranthropus
Dished face Ht 3'9- 4'5 Wt 75-110lbs
Short canines, small front teeth Huge molars
Homo rudolfensis was discovered by, where and when?
Bernard Ngeneo, in 1972 in Koobifora, Kenya
What is the date and cc for H rudolfensis?
2.4-1.6mybp 752-810cc