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How are Anthropods sucessful
They adopt to all environments - lands, soil, air, water
What kind of skeleton does the anthropod have?
Exoskeleton(outside skeleton)
What kind of legs do the anthropods have?
Jointed legs
What appendages do Anthropods have?
Legs and wings
Name four classes of anthropods



two examples of arachnids
spiders, king crab
characteristics of arachnids
8 legs

2 main body parts
Name two examples of Myriapods?
What are the characteristics of Centipedes?
Centipedes have one pair of legs per segment
What is characteristics of millipedes?
Millipedes have two pairs of legs per segment.
What are two characteristics of Insects?
1. Three main body parts

2. Six legs
Wt are the three main body parts of an insect?


How are Anthropods helpful?
1. Prodice food for humsns,
birds and fish

2. help pollinate plants

3. Produce honey
How are Anthropods Harmful?
1. Destroy farmers crops

2. carry diseases
How are Anthropods successful?
1. They adapt to all environments
(land, soil, air, water)
2. They consume more food
than humans
3/ over half of animals in the world belong to anthropods
what species consumes more food than humans
over half of theanimals in the world belong to what species
give some examples of crustaceans
lobster, crap, schrimp, crayfish
What kind of sking do echinoderm phyllum have?
spiny skin
Where do echinoderm live
Salty water
What kind of Symmetry do
the Echinoderm have?
1. Radial Symmetry

(arms and body parts
come out from the center)
What kind of organs and systems
do the Echinoderm Phyllum have?
Their organs and systems are specialized
Samples of Echinoderm Phyllum
Sea Urchin
Sea Cucumber
Sand Dollar
Brittle Star
The first four start with s
Where is the mouth located on the starfish
In the middle underneath
the body
How mamyu arms does the starfish have?
5(five) arms
What kind of feet does the starfish

How do these feet act?
1. Tube feet

2. they act like suction cups
If a starfish's arm is broken
what can happen
It can regenerate another arm?
what do starfish eat?
clams and shellfish