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charles lyell
theory of uniformitarianism ( just how old the earth is)
thomas malthus
concerned w/relationship of human population growth to food supplies
charles lyell
theory of uniformitarianism ( just how old the earth is)
thomas malthus
concerned w/relationship of human population growth to food supplies
made the classification system for plants and animals, put humans in
Erasmus Darwin
expressed evolution in a verse
uncovered the key to the evolutionary process
came up w/catastrophism: no ancient organisms because a huge flood, fire, earthquake destroyed it
adaptive trait
traits that have proved to be the most successful and therefore adaptive
adaptive trait
a trait that has been adapted so therefore was the most successful
lactose intolerance/culture
no simple genetic trait accounts for tolerance, it is a phenotypical adaptation to the enviorment (occurs during lifetime)
the more melanin the more you are protected from the sun--dark skinned
vitamin d
is naturally produced by the body but when exposed to the sun
when the body is not exposed to the sun enough, nutritional disease, softens/deforms bones, worse for dark skinned
too much vitamin D, can cause calcium build up on soft tissues, occurs more on light skinned
sickle-cell anemia and the enviorment
HB A is normal hemaglobin, HB S not normal, HB A have higher risk of getting malaria, HB S less risk but will die of anemia
from common ancestories
from experiencing same conditions and having to adapt to them
found in chad, africa. possibly the oldest human ancestor yet found, missing link
the study of non-human primates
primate characteristics
grasping, smell-sight, nose-hand, complex, parental involvement,sociality
"big foot", miocene ape
out of africa/complete replacement
AMH came out of only africa (homo erectus came out, then AMH replaced them)
regional continuity/multi. reg.
homo erectus were everywhere just became AMH through )ex:sex w/other pop.)
came up with the theory of natural selection
upper paleolithic technologies
located in upper sediementary, emphasized blade tools, more efficient
long warm periods between the major glacials, can be dated to
major advances of continental ice sheets in europe and north america, can be dated to
tradition where apoint was attached to the end of a spear
homo floresiensis
species new found homo species found in Flores, small 3-3 1/2ft, coexisted w/modern humans