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What is culture?
1) Intellectual/ Moral development
2) Exotic Practices
3) Pattered learned behavior
What is ethnocentricism?
attempting to understand another culture strictly by standards of your own
What is cultural relatvism?
peoples behavior must be understood through means of their own culture
What is participant observation?
primary method of cultural anthropologists to conduct research
What is hermeneutics?
development and study of theories of the interpretation and understanding of texts
What is the significane of Neandertal graves?
they were an attempt to maintain identity with the first symbol of flowers as death
What are the three uglies?
What does Hubris mean?
dividing us from nature. thinking that we are the only animal on the planet
What does Triumphalism mean?
dividing us from nature thinking that we are unique for special reasons. we are the best
What does Phallocentrism mean?
divides us from other animals. putting man first
Why is cultural patterns multi level?
because cultures may overlap or produce the same qualities or relate to another. there are the same patterns in microcultures as macrocultures
What is the "naturalization of the arbitrary"?
successfull reproduction of cultural patterns. convincing the adherants that this culture is the only one true path. have to hide that people have learned these cultural patterns and traits
What is rapport?
unconcious human interaction
What are th 7 fieldwork techniques?
1) questionaires
2) genealogical method
3) key consultants
4) life histories
5) longitudinal research
6) simple observation
7) record with notes/film
What is ethnography? ethnographer?
written account of fieldwork.
anthropologist who preforms fieldwork
Why is culture shared?
culture is not individual, but its a group effort transmitted in society
What does " go without saying because they come without saying"?
it means that culture is obvious and internalized
Who is Max Weber?
was a German political economist and sociologist who is considered one of the founders of the modern study of sociology. he wrote the protestant ethic and spirit of capitalism
Who is Franz Boas?
first man of american anthro "papa". developed first modern definition of culture