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Where is anthrax commonly picked up?
On animal pelts
When is anthrax contracted?
When its spores are deposited on an open wound
What is the etiologic agent of anthrax?
Bacillus anthracis
What happens when a Bacillus anthracis spore is deposited on an open wound?
It germinates and produces a dermatotoxin which causes the formation of a malignant pustule
Characteristic feature of the malignant pustules of anthrax:
How is Bacillus anthracis identified?
Gram pos rods
Is bacillus anthracis motile or nonmotile?
B. anthracis is the only nonmotile bacillus species
Other than motility how is B. anthracis identified?
It's encapsulated
What makes Bacillus anthracis so virulent?
Its capsule
Capsule is made of:
polyglutamic acid
What does Bacillus anthracis produce?
What is the exotoxin of B. anthracis composed of?
3 distinct proteins
What are the 3 distinct proteins/lipoproteins of B. Anthracis?
Factor 1 - Edema factor
Factor 2 - Protective antigen
Factor 3 - Lethal factor
Symptoms of Anthrax infection:
Progression thru stages of a painless, pruritic papule on exposed skin, to a black eschar, and isolation of B. anthracis from exudate
How will a Staph skin lesion differ from an anthrax lesion?
Both could be black, but staph will be painful
How would you know if the lesion was caused by Francisella tularensis?
That is gram neg
What is the etiologic agent of the plague which causes symptoms similar to both Tularemia and Anthrax?
Yersinia pestis
3 treatment agents for anthrax:
-Penicillin G