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the study of past human cultures
archaeologists have 3 main goals
1) to reconstruct the daily life and customs of people who lived in the past 2) to trace cultural changes through time 3) to offer possible explanations for those changes
material culture
physical remnants of human activity
historical archaeology
is devoted to reconstructing the lives of people during the time that written records existed
classical archaeology
study of cultures such as Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, etc.
anthropological archaeology
is devotes to the rest of pre-history besides classical archaeology
survey and excavation
are the primary methods of data collection employed by archaeologists
means to closely and systematically examine the ground surface of prehistoric remains
means to uncover prehistoric cultural remains by unearthing them
archaeological site
a precise geographic location that preserves remains of past human activity
small portable items that archaeologists find which are made by humans
a non portable remnant (fire place, etc.) of past human activity
is the observation of how present day societies make and use artifacts & features and now these remnants of human activity become part of the archaeological record