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What is the mechanism of Metyrapone?
inhibits 11-hydroxylation interfering with cortisol and corticosterone synthesis

may prod. transient dizziness & GI disturbances
Which adrenal-inhibiting medication can be administered to pregnant women with Cushing's syndrome?
What is the mechanism of Aminoglutethimide?
blocks conversion of cholesterol to pregnenolone
What is the mechanism of Ketoconazole?
non-selective inhibitor of adrenal and gonadal steroid synthesis
What is the mechanism of Mifepristone?
binds to glucocorticoid receptor; strong antiprogestin activity
What is the mechanism of Trilostane?
3β-17 hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase inhibitor that interferes with the synthesis of adrenal and gondal hormones
What is used to treat primary aldosteronism?
Spirinolactone (50-100 mg/d); also an androgen antagonist used to treat hirsutism
What are the adverse effects of spirinolactone?
hyperkalemia, cardiac arrhythmia, menstrual abnormalities, gynecomastia, sedation, headache, GI disturbances, and skin rashes
indication of Eplerenone
hypertension (50-100 mg/d)
What is Drospirenone?
oral contraceptive; also antagonizes the effects of aldosterone