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What is anthropology?
The wholistic study of humanity.
Biological Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology
What is Culture?
Particular adaptations to local conditions that takes the form of highly variable beliefs and practices.
Partcipant observer methodology
When a participant lives and takes part of the lives of a particular studied group.
What is ethnocentrism?
The belief that one's own group of culture is superior to others.
What is Ritual?
It is a formalised set of symbolic actions, singing, dancing, processions etc.
What is Rite of passage?
A ritual that marks the transition from a stage of life to another.
Central theme of the course
Understand and analyze the religious knowledge base, world views and philosophies of other cultures.
In Popol VUH what is innovative about the creation of men?
That the gods used animals as our ancestors, like evolution and that the GOD was a feathered serpent.
How doe the twin heros in Popol Vuh triumph over the lords of the underworld?
They fool them by thinking they had died and performing trickery on them. They would only fix them if they met their conditions.
Cultual differences + altered state of conciousness.
Some cultures use these states for rituals and religious reasons, while some use them for recreation.
How is witchcraft viewed in Native American cultures?
Witchcraft is more of a positivee thing than a negative one to the Navaho.
What is a myth?
Is a narrative that is held to be sacred and true, usually dabbling with the human creation. Dont change much over time.
Is the study of plans used by traditional cultures to achieve a profound state of conciousness.
Beliefs and practice concerning illness in different human populations.
What are some cultural variant in the concept of time?
Some cultures think that time is a cycle.
What is shamanism?
Spiritual and Natural Healing, it is characterized by the ability of the shaman to communicate with the spirit world to provide healing, guidance or wisdom.
In the video "to find ourselves", why are they on pilgrimage.
They are on pilgrimage to visit their ancestors, their spiritual fathers.
In the video "to find ourselves", why do they use peyote?
They use peyote for the religious ceremony.
In the video "to find ourselves", Where are they from?
They are from the Huichol tribe of the Sierra Occidental.
What is susto?
It is when a person is "sick of the soul".
What is Ghost sickness?
It is when a ghost or spirit attacks a human leaving the person with contorsion of the facial muscles and sometimes paralysis in the hands and arms. Also called STROK by white men.
Aside from ingesting substances, how can humans get into trance?
By drumming, dancing, and performing certain rituals.
What factors account for sanapias sucess as a medicine woman?
That she lives bound to her role, specially in actualizing all the time.
What is the Liminal State?
A period of margin, an interstructural situation.
To whom does Horace Miller refer to with the title "Body ritual of the Cinarema"?
The cinarema a north american group living in territory between the canadian cree, the yaqui and tarahumare of mexico, and the carib and arawak of the antilles.
What is George Gmelch's basic point in his article on "baseball magic"?
He tries to demonstrate that Baseball is an excellent source to test Malinowski's hypotheses about magic, because he demonstrates that baseball is full of rituals, taboos and fetishes.
What did Evans-Pritchard note as the most important substance in the Azande divination rituals?
He notes "BENGE".
Who does luhmann note as influential in the contemporary revival of witchcraft in Europe?
He points at Gerald Gardner.
According to L. Brain since women are usually accused of witchcraft, their death and harsh treatment demonstrates what? Regarding social Attitudes toward woen?
Demonstrates that the idea of the witch is closely related to the subversions of the male authority. Also that the denigration of women can be traced to the times of Aristotle.
What is the realtionship between Sanapia and David Jones?
He says she trusted him.
How is medicine and religion looked by western and nonwester cultures?
Western cultures see medicine with a scientific approach, and not basing it on religion and faith. While eastern cultures gind the two.
According to the authors our modrn pharmacology cures owe much to whom or what in particular?
They owe alot to the Shamans, and ethnobotany.
Why did ancient Mayas use enemas?
They used enemas to infuse substances that would alter their state of conciousness with fewer side effects and with more strength.
What is the practice of Balm?
An afroamerican folk healing tradition in Jamaica which, and appears to be a ritualized extension of mothering.