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bovine percent calf crop
bovine birth weight
60 to 100 lbs
(gain a/b 2 lbs a day)
Bovine age at weaning:
actual practice
standard for reporting
six to nine months
205 days
bovine weaning weight
400-500 lbs
usual bovine market weight
1,000 - 1,200 lbs
(18-21 mo old)
(12-15 mo old feedlot)
bovine rate of gain on feed (ADG): pasture and feedlot
pasture: 1.3-2.0 lbs/day
feedlot: 2.5-3.0 lbs/day
bovine feed per pound of grain (feed efficiency)
pasture: 9-12 lbs
feedlot: 6-8 lbs
bovine dressing percent
60 to 62%
porcine reproduction (how many born and weaned)
12 born/litter
10+ weaned
porcine birth weight
2.7-3.3 lbs
porcine age at weaning:
actual practice
standard for reporting
actual practice: 2-6 weeks
std for reporting: 21-day litter weight
porcine weaning weight
at 3 weeks: 12-15 lbs
porcine usual market weight (age when marketed)
230-290 lbs
(5-7 months old)
porcine ADG
1.7-2.2 lbs/day
porcine feed efficiency
2.5-3.2 lbs
porcine dressing percent
70 to 72%
ovine lamb crop percent
(farm and range %)
farm flock:
160-180% lamb crop
range flock:
120-130% lamb crop
ovine birth weight
10-12 lbs
7-9 lbs
ovine age at weaning (actual and standard)
actual: 3-6 months
standard: 90 days
ovine weaning weight
70-90 lbs
ovine market weight
90-120 lbs
ovine ADG
(pasture and feedlot)
pasture: 0.4 lbs/day
feedlot: 0.6-.7 lbs/day
ovine feed efficiency
6 to 8 lbs
ovine dressing percent
50 to 52%
equine % foaling
equine birth weight
100 to 120 lbs
equine age at weaning
4 to 6 months
equine weaning weight
400-600 lbs