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What is the definition for growth? What isn't considered to be part of growth?
an increase in weight due to protein and bone deposition AND fat deposition which is part of the hormonal development processes (excess fat isn't considered to be part of growth)
What happens to an animal's fat, muscle and bone % as it grows?
% fat increases
% muscle decreases
What are the two ways growth occurs in?
What is hyperplasia? When does it occur?
the increase in cell numbers. mostly occurs during fetal development
What is hypertrophy? Once an animal is born, what is all growth due to?
The increase in cell size.
What is the epiphyseal plate?
(cartilage) the bone deposits cartilage cells here and then calcium and phosphorus is deposited
What happens to the epiphyseal plate as someone gets older?
Its really wide as a child and as you get older it gets narrower until its all cartilage and then it goes away!
What is ossification?
the process of depositing Ca and P (cartilage) to the bone
How does the degree of ossification help determine carcass maturity?
-helps det. quality grade
-maturity = indicator of tenderness
What is Adipose Tissue?
fat cells
When does adipose development start? Where goes it go? How much of weight gain does it make up?
-early in fetal development
-fills the gaps between muscle
-1/3-1-4 of weightgain
What is the order from earliest to last sites of fat deposition?
internal fat (KPH)
subcutaneous fat (backfat)
intermuscular fat
intramuscular fat
What is internal (KPH) fat? How much of the weight of the carcass does it make up?
kidney pelvic heart fat.
~ 3 1/2% of carcass
What is another name for intermuscular fat? Where is it on the animal?
seam fat. greatest quantity of fat on a beef carcass. It is the fat inbetween muscle bundles
Where is intramuscular fat? What is it also called?
fat inbetween muscle fibers
Why is marbeling important?
b/c it is related with the pallatibility of a piece of meat. the fat helps keep meat moist and helps to give it flavor
What are the three degrees of marbeling?
select : trace amt
low choice : small amt
prime : abundant
Why does fat deposition start earlier in females?
because estrogen stimulates muscle growth and hastens closure of episicial plate. Females reach mature size sooner, so they start putting on fat when they stop growing
what are the three levels of muscle makeup?
muscle to
muscle bundle to
muscle fibers
Why is aged meat more tender after 24 hours of slaughter? What is the max. aging limit?
the connective tissue is broken down by enzymes in the cell.
10-14 days