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Conventional Farrow to finish:
breeding-gestation, farrowing, nursery and finishing all in one place
Segregated early weaning:
Site 1: Breeding-gestation, farrowing
Site 2: Nursery
Site 3: Finishing
Geographic shift in hog production
Sows are leaving the corn states
Hogs went to NC because NC developed a better system (and has less restrictions)
Hogs are moving west to get away from rain and people
Pork is #_ worldwide
_______ is #1 in pork consumption
paternal breed, red, droopy ears
paternal bred, black w/ white belt, erect ears
maternal bred, white, erect ears
maternal bred, white, large droopy ears
Breeding Stock Selection for swine
Structurally Sound- ability to walk/ move (50% heritable)
Eliminate the PSS (stress gene)- major cause of low quality pork (pal, soft extrdite(watery):PSE)
Categorizing Swine Breeds
Colored: Paternal- muscle, growth traits
White: maternal, milke, litter size, mothering ability
larger litters of heavier pigs than gilts
Suggested replacement level=
Potential Selection Criteria
Visual observation
Individual and parental performance records
Stages- NBA (# births alive)
D/250 (dies to 250#)
MLI (maternal line index)
SPI (sow productivity index)
TSI (terminal sire index)
LWT (21 d litter weight)
BF (backfat)
Usage of Hybrid Swine Lines
•Most common
•All offspring go to market
Estrus detection:
expose to boar… will flirt, wont move when pressure on back
Mating systems:
pen mating, AI
Reproductive performance:
2.2 litters/ yr
litter size of 10-12 pigs
weaned at 21 days
giving birth
Farrowing stalls:
protect babies from being crushed; provides dual heat
Reproductive traits are ______ _______; how to control them?
lowly heritable: manage environment, minimize disease, provide adequate nutrition
Age at Puberty:
Estrous cycle:
Duration of estrus:
Occurrence of ovulation:
Gestation length:
1st estrus postpartum:
Age at Puberty: 4-7 mo
Estrous cycle: 21 d
Duration of estrus: 2-3 d
Occurrence of ovulation: 2nd day of estrus
Gestation length: 114 d
1st estrus postpartum: 3-5 d postmweaning