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What are the two sectors of the poultry industry?
Meat and eggs
What are the two sectors of the meat portion of the poultry industry?
Broilers and turkey
What type of chicken do white eggs come from?
white leghorn
What type of chicken do brown eggs come from?
brown egg layer
How is shell color determined?
Glands in the uterus secrete a melanin type secretion from a pigment glad in the last hours the egg is there that coats the surface of the egg of the brown egg layers’ eggs
Nutritionally what is the difference between a white shelled egg and a brown shelled egg?
Nutritionally what is the difference between a fertile and non-fertile egg?
1 spermatozoa
Why was there a drop in per-capita consumption of eggs around 1972?
Cholesterol scare
an egg layer less then 1 yr of age
egg layer over 1 year of age
Today the ____ _______ is capable of laying an average of ___ eggs in ___ days; therefore, each hen lays about enough eggs for _ person(s) per year.
white leghorn; 330; 365; 1
USDA Egg Grades:
Egg grades determined with ______.
______ ____ came up with the formula for egg grades using the micrometer.
Raymond Hall
Table Breeder companies: ________ + ________. Which is the #1 producer?
Dekalb + Hy-line
- Hy-line is the #1 producer; made W98 (white98)
Egg Sizes (____ per dozen)
Jumbo 30
Extra Lg 27
Lg 24
Med 21
Small 18
Peewee 15
Egg Breakout:
Break eggs into egg, albumen, yolk
calcium carbonate source
In the US the diet of laying hens is based on ____ and _______ meal. What is the purpose of each?
corn- energy; soybean- protein
Poultry Industry Facilities New/ Old
New: computerized, environmentally controlled, "In-line"
Old: Hand labor, truck transport, “contract farms”