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What has allowed rapid gentic change in hogs?
Short generation intervals and genetic controls of female allow rapid genetic changes in hogs.
Who raises hogs?
•Hogs were raised on small farms previously
•Hogs are raised in large amount now
How are hogs raised?
•Old: farrow to finish
•New: Farrow and wean --> Nursery --> Finish
Where are hogs raised?
•All by one owner… but in different specialized set-ups
Demand/ Consumption in swine industry:
remains constant
Trends of the swine industry
1.Improved herd performance –producer efficiency-
2.Fewer and bigger hog farms
4.Fewer and bigger packing plants
5.Geographic shift in production
6.Integration of production and packing
Swine production used to be in the midwest because:
that is were the corn/ grain was grown
Pizza prices are going up because:
cheese prices are going up because milk prices are going up because there is a larger international demand for the US dairy products.
Producer Efficiency of swine industry:
•Litters per breeding animal
•Market pigs per breeding animal
•Pork production per breeding animal
•Slaughter weights
We kill ______ hogs a day!
Allowed producers to become more efficient and lower costs of operation
gestation period:
3 months 3 weeks and 3 days
What have we done away with in Florida?
gestation crates
6 weeks old turn; 4% of farms; 76% total confinement
Growing/ Finishing:
16-18 weeks; 38% of farms; 50% total confinement
Farrow/ Wean:
around 3 weeks old; 5% of farms; total confinement