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4 things boas' students had in common
culture should be considered in patterns, cultural relativism, causal priority of culture, culture is "personality writ large"
cultural relativism
individuals should be interpreted in terms of their culture
sapir's approach
influence of language on ways people think
benedict's approach
patterning of culture at individual level
2 classical cultural evolutionists
tylor and morgan
how did culture originate to CCEs
originated independently more than once because of similarities in the workings of the human mind
cultural evolution to CCEs
diffusion involved in cultural evolution from savagery to civilization
aspects of culture of interest to CCEs
stages of cultural evolution to CCEs
7 stages, primitive people at earlier stages
2 parts of functionalism
explain things in terms of beneficial consequences, inequality is functional for society
semiotic researchers
linger and geertz
semiotic ANP studies
role of thought/symbols in society
what guides action to semiotic ANPs?
culture to semiotic ANPs
system of ideas expressed symbolically through which people communicate about life
semiotic ANPs interpret symbols through...
thick descriptions
to semiotic ANPs, culture functions to...
...expose meanings on world and make it understnadable
sapir and language
language shapes culture and how person understand and behaves in world
boas and language
language is very subjective, he catalogued grammatical categories across language
geertz and language
language is one of only windows into emic point of view
to geertz, what is culture embodied in?
communicated symbols
sapir's definition of culture
culture is language
boas' definition of culture
culture is window into universal working of human mind
benedict's definition of culture
culture is patterns
mead's definition of culture
culture is personality
is "thick description" just another version of "historical particularism?"
similarities between TD and HP
in both cases, you're being increasingly precise
historical particularism
Trying to locate origins of different elements of culture
thick description
Trying to locate meanings circulating within particular context by being very precise
HP explanation requires...
...understanding of how historical processes produce the cultural pattern
according to linger, has culture theory lost its minds?
conduit model
English speakers think that symbols are packages of meanings transmitted from sender to receiver, when they really have to be processed by sender (intended meaning) and receiver (message received)
in conduit model, ___ is important
human mind
Linger says that meanings...
..are not inherent to a symbol, it's important to consider communicative events
Linger says that ANPs should...
locate meanings in minds instead of in symbols
how did Freud explain the relationship between the individual and society?
individual balances between drive for independence and society's demand for conformity