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tall plant with a single woody stem
plant that does not die after one season but lives for many years
plant that grows for only one year
plants that live for two years
tallest living trees in the world
California Redwood
scientists who study trees
possibly the oldest living things on earth
sprouted soon after Noah's flood
bristlecone pines of California
part of the tree where growth takes place
cambium layer
produces new growth on the tree
removing a ring of bark from the tree
patterns of light and dark rings seen in the trunk of a tree after it's cut down
annual growth ring
trees with broad, flat leaves
most of them are flower-bearing, seed-producing plants
broadleaf trees
a name for many broadleaf trees due to the hard and durable wood they produce
hardwood trees
trees that lose their leaves in the fall
deciduous trees
these trees are extremely thick with wide-spreading branches
their fruit is the acorn
tree with bright, colorful leaves in the fall
source of a sweet syrup in early spring
tall trees with a graceful, vaselike appearance
many of them were killed in 1930 by a fungal disease that is spread by beetles that live within the tree's bark
tree that is recognizable by its smooth white bark, which is thin and papery
Indians liked to use its bark to build wigwams and canoes
paper birch
this tree likes to grow along streams or near water
drooping leaves and branches give it a graceful appearance
there are several different types of trees in this family that don't appear to be related