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Explain how Anna could get a new coat for the winter without any money.
Her mother traded a gold watch and other nice things for wool and the services of the craft people to make the coat.
Explain why Anna and her mother had no money.
It was wartime and no one had any money.
List all the trades Anna's mother made in order to get the new coat.
gold watch to the farmer for wool; a lamp to the old woman to spin wool into yarn; garnet necklace to the weaver to weave yarn into cloth; teapot to the tailor for sewing cloth into a coat.
What natural resources were needed to produce the coat?
wool from the sheep, lingonberries.
What human resources were needed to produce the coat?
old woman,
What capital resources were needed to produce the coat?
shearing scissors,
spinning wheel,
basket (for berries),
measuring tape,
sewing machine,
List all the steps for producing Anna's new coat.
Shear the sheep, spin the wool into yarn, dye the yarn, weave yarn into cloth, sew the cloth into coat.
Explain why it took much longer for Anna to get her coat than if she had money to buy one.
They had to wait until spring to shear the sheep. They had to wait until the end of the summer to get the berries. They had to wait for each person to do each step in the process of making the coat.