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What food is on the garland?
What do squirrels do in winter?
They hide store hickory nuts and acorns.
What signs do you see here winter in coming?
The leaves are falling. The children are wearing coats.
I see a scarescrow. The grass is dead and brown.
Besides mice, what other animals hunt for food in the winter?
deer and foxes
What is the woodchuck doing on pg. 14?
He is digging tunnels?
Why do you think the woodchuck eats so much before winter?
So that it doesn't have to eat all winter.
How do animals know when it is Spring?
Snow melts. The grass turns green. Animals come our of their hiding places from hibernation.
Where does a pika hide the grass?
Underground below rocks.
Where are the insects?
The insects are gone.
How long does a woodchuck sleep?
4 months