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when did multicellularity evolve?
in the porifera
what evolved in the cnidarians an the ctenophores?
radial symmetry and dipoblastic tissue evolve, mobility, and the blind sac evolved
what evolved int hea acoelomorpha?
bilateral symmetry, tripoblastic tissue, and cephalization
when did pharyngeal gill slits first evolve?
before the echinodermata
what evolved in the urochordates?
post anal tail
hollow nerve chord
stiff notochord
when did vertebrea first evolve?
in the sharks
when did jaws first evolve?
what era was bone first invented? at what lineage was it first invented?
what evolved in the dipnoi?
when did the limbs first evolve?
in the anura the frogs
when did the amniotic egg first evolve?
in the mamma
what does vertebrate all have?
when did chordata first appear?
the Burges shale
what are protozoans?
organisms with no tissue
what are metazoans?
organisms with tissues
when did the opposable thumb first evolve?
in the new world monkeys
what came first the new world or the old world monkeys?
whendid fist walking and no tails first evolve?
in the oragnutans
when did kunckle walking first evolve?
in the gorillas
when did bipedialism first come about?
in the humans