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What are the 5 phases of animal mitosis in order of their sequence?
Interphase, Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telephase
What is the first phase of Mitosis?
What 2 things happen in Interphase?
1. The chromosomes duplicate and form chromatids. 2. The centrioles also duplicate.
What is the second phase of Mitosis?
What 2 things happen in the cell during prophase?
1. The centrioles go to the opposite sides of the cell and form a spindle across it. 2. The nuclear membrane dissolves
What is the third phase of Mitosis?
What happens in the cell during Metaphase?
The Chromatids align in the middle of the spindle.
What is the forth phase of Mitosis?
What happens in the cell during anaphase?
The chromatids separate. The members of each pair go to opposite sides of the cell.
What is the last phase of Mitosis?
What 2 things happen during telephase?
The cell divides, producing two new identical cells. The nuclear membrane reforms.
In interphase chromosomes duplicate and form what?
In prophase the centrioles to to the opposite sides of the cell and form ____________?
In anaphase the chromatids separate and form pairs. Where n the cell do they go?
To opposite sides of the cell.