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What is the room at the end of each tunnel in a lodge called?
The sleeping room.
What do gorillas do all day?
Play, eat, climb
Where is a squirrel's drey built?
high above the ground in a tree
What do squirrels eat during the winter?
cones, seeds
How many babies does a female gorilla usually have at a time?
Are badgers good housekeepers?
yes, they keep their burrows neat and clean.
Who builds his home first?
The leader of the troop.
Where do badgers live?
In underground burrows.
What is a gorillas home called?
What is a rabbits underground home called?
What is the baby's burrow lined with?
gass and fur
What are a group of prairie dogs called?
A colony.
Where do beavers build their homes?
In the water.
What do beavers build their homes out of?
What is a group of rabbits that live together called?
Is a fox's home clean or dirty?
What is a group of gorillas called?
How much can a male gorilla weigh?
450 pounds
Do all animals like to live in the open?
No, some prefer to live underground.
How tall can a male gorilla be?
5 to 6 feet tall.
How often do gorillas build their homes?
every night
What is a fox's home called?
a burrow.
When do foxes give birth to their babies?
In the early spring.
Where do badgers stay during the daytime?
What does the word "habitat" mean?
home or dwelling place
What is a beaver home called?
A lodge.
What is a squirrel's nest called?
a drey
What does a gorilla make it's nest out of?
leaves, sticks and twigs. leaves are used to make their beds softer.
Where do prairie dogs make their homes?
What are prairie dogs homes called?