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What is mastitis?
Inflammation of the udder/mammary gland
What are the negative effects/losses due to mastitis (in cows?)
1. decreased production (70%)
2. premature culling & death (14%)
3. discardeed milk (8%)
4. treatment costs (8%)
What are the two types of mastitis?
1. Subclinical mastitis
2. Clinical mastitis
Is subclinical or clinical mastitis more common? What is it a problem in?
Subclinical. Herds.
What does subclinical mastitis usually precede? Is its duration long or short?
clinical mastitis. Long duration
What two things does mastitis reduce? (Subclinical)
1. milk yield
2. milk quality
What are reduced in the milk quality (8)? (subclin)
1.sugar (lactose)
2.protein (casein)
3.fat content
4.Ca and P
5.manufacturing quality
7.salt content
How does the cow and its milk appear when the cow has subclinical mastitis?
How do the cow and its milk appear if the cow has clinical mastitis?
1.udder may be hard, hot and painful
2.cow may appear sick
3.milk may be watery or thick w/clots, etc
What are the two "causes" of mastitis (category names)
1. Contagious mastitis
2. Environnmental mastitis
In contagious mastitis;
1. It's spread from species what to what?
2. What's the reservoir?
3. These bacteria cause it?
1. Spread from cow to cow
2. Cow/udder
3. Staph. aureus & Strep. agalactiae
In environmental mastitis;
1. Transmitted from what to what?
2. What's the reservoir?
3. What bacteria causes it?
1. NOT spread cow to cow
2. Environment is reservoir
3. Coliforms in feces contamination and other Streps
How do bacteria enter the cow?
1. Through teat canal; Keratin plug in teat canal is primary barrier
**the more bacteria at teat end, greater chance of infection
When are cows most susceptible to mastitis?
During the 1st 2 weeks of dry period
What are ways to prevent/control mastitis?
1. Prevention is best
2. 5 Point plan
Describe the 5 point plan.
1. Udder hygiens
2. Proper milking
3. Cull chronic cases
4. Therapy (dry cow & clinical cases)
5. Maintain records
What do you do for udder hygiene?
1. remove debris/manure
2. sanitize teats (before and after milking)
3. stimulate oxytocin
4. minimize machine on time
What does the mastitis vaccine increase and/or decrease?
1. Ups spontaneous cure rate
2. Downs cell counts
3. Downs # of clinical mastitis cases
What is the vaccine "good" against?
1. Staph. aureus
2. Coliforms
When is the vaccine not effective?
In decreasing subclinical mastitis