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What is the goal of the Herd Health program?
To maintain dairy cattle in the most efficient way so as to max profits for dairy farmer
Who are the "participants" in the her health program?
1. Dairy Farmer
2. Veterinarian
3. AI technician
4. Nutritionist
5. Milking equipment technician
6. Record keeper (ex DHIA)
What are some problems/complications seen in herds? (I assume this is what these are, he didn't label them, just listed them)
1. address reasons for culling
2. mastitis
3. reproductive problems
4. poor feet & udder conformation
5. disease
6. age
What are the 5 components of herd health program?
1. production
2. reproduction
3. nutrition
4. animal comfort
5. preventative medicine
How many pounds of milk does a cow produce per lactation? Per day?
20,000 lbs/lactation
60-100 lbs/day
How long is the average lactation period?
300 days
When is the cows peak production of milk?
4-6 weeks post calving
It is essential to have proper milking technique & equipment. Give 6 examples.
1. Milk out time (4-6mins)
2. Poper pulsations (40-60/min)
3. No stray voltage
4. Proper teat sanitation
5. Dry cow treatment
6. CMT;somatic cell count; bulk tank samples
What is the herd generally made up of in terms of cows?
20% pregnant & dry
40% not pregnant and lactating
40% pregnant and lactating
What are the goals in reproduction?
1. 1st calving at 24 months
2. 1 calf/yr (gestation 275-285 days)
3. Calving to conception (90-120 days)
4. <1.5 services per conception
What are some breeding problems?
1. #1=poor heat detection
2. failure to conceive
3. Early embryonic death
4. Abortion
5. Stillborn/birthing problems
What is heat detection?
1. mounting (standing up to be mounted)
2. Clear, mucoid vaginal discharge
3. Milk holdup
4. Social activity (friendly)
5. off feed
6. rectal exam
Nutrition: what things must be taken into consideration for the cows diet?
1. growth
2. maintenance
3. pregnancy
4. *lactation
What is TMR?
Total Mixed Ration: all nutritional requirements/feedstuffs combined in a single, efficient mixture
What are two preventative medicines given to a cow?
1. parasite control
2. vaccination
What is Ketosis?
-results from cow being in a nagative energy balance; this leads to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) & subsequent mobilization of fat for energy in liver; this then leads to production of keytones
What are the clinical signs of Ketosis?
1. Recently fresh cow (w/in weeks)
2. Off feed
3. decreased milk production
4. dry, hard manure
5. sweet odor to breath
How is Ketosis treated?
IV glucose
What other thing(s) may lead to ketosis?
Any condition that causes the cow to go off feed may result in secondary ketosis
What is milk fever?
What causes milk fever?
Results from sudden "loss" of Ca into milk and subsequent neuromuscular dysfunction
What are the clinical signs of milk fever?
1. fresh cow (w/in 3 days)
2. Down, unable to rise
3. Bloated
4. cold extremities
What is the treatment for milk fever?
IV calcium
What is Metritis?
Uterine infection; may be due to birth trauma, calving intervention, retained placenta, etc
What are clinical signs of metritis?
1. fresh cow
2. off feed
3. fever
4. vaginal discharge (odorous)
5. +/- 2ndary ketosis
What is the treatment for metritis?
antibiotics (local +/- systemic)
What causes displaced abomasum?
Due to high concentration feeding leading to production of CO2 and volatile fatty acids in the abomasum
What happens in displaced abomasum?
Abomasum becomes buoyant and displaces from normal position on floow of abdominal cavity up b/w the rumen and body wall (LDA) or upon the right side (RDA)
What are the signs of displaced abomasum?
1. fresh cow
2. off feed
3. decreased milk production
4. "ping"
Which is more common, LDA or RDA? Which is more life threatening?
LDA is more common; RDA more life threatening
What's the treatment for displaced abomasum?
Surgical correction
What are two more metabolic/parturient diseases? (the names in this packet are only given, nothing else)
1. Muscle degeneration
2. Mastitis