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Noun (C or U)
a way of criticizing people or ideas in a humorous way, or a piece of writing or play which uses this style; political satire
Her play was a biting/cruel satire on life in the 80s.
noun [C or U]

a story, play, poem, picture or other work in which the characters and events represent particular qualities or ideas,
related to morality, religion or politics
Saint Augustine's 'City of God' is an allegory of the triumph of Good over Evil.


1 A tenuous connection, idea or situation is weak and possibly does not exist
We were only able to make a tenuous connection between the two robberies

without thinking or caring about any pain caused to others; cruel: (不择手段,不理人家死活)
ruthless ambition; a ruthless dictator

Some people believe that to succeed in this world you have to be ruthless.

Any opposition to Stalin in these days was ruthlessly and brutally crushed.
verb [T]

to get rid of people from an organization because you do not agree with them:铲除异己
Party leaders have undertaken to purge the party of extremists. Hard-liners are expected to be purged from the administration
verb [T usually passive]

to kill a large number of something, or to reduce something severely:
Populations of endangered animals have been decimated.
Stalin's purges decimated Soviet society and created a climate of fear.

a theory or political system based on the principle that all of the farms, factories and other places of work in a country should be owned by or for all
The peasants opposed collectivisation, many burned their land and killed their animals rather than let the government take them

1 able to read and write

2 having knowledge of a particular subject, or a particular type of knowledge
The pigs soon become literate and institute classes for the others
noun [C]

1 a large crack in the ground or in rock:

2 a serious disagreement which separates two people who have been friends and stops their friendship continuing
The stream had cut a deep rift in the rock.

The marriage caused a rift between the brothers and they didn't speak to each other for ten years
noun [C]

a very strong wind:
Hundreds of old trees were blown down in the gales
outlook (n, c)
likely future; view
Major's speech gave to the animals a completely new outlook on life
pre-eminent (adj)
highly distinguished or outstanding
Pre-eminent among the pigs were two boars named Snowball and NApoleon.
with a reputation for
well-known for
Napoleon was a large boar with a reputation for getting his own way.
vivacious (adj)
lively and high spirited
Snowball was a more vivacious pig, quicker in speech and more inventive.
1. fat young hog (pig): a young fattened hog, especially one raised for its meat
2. overweight person: person or animal regarded as overweight
Squeal has t____ eyes
twinkling eyes
Squeal has n____ movements
nimble (fast and agile)
shrill (adj)
penetratingly high-pitched
A shrill voice
persuasive (adj)
to say of
talk about somebody
The others said of squealer that he could turn black into white.
elaborate (v.t.i)
1. vi give more detail about something:
Would you care to elaborate on that?

2. vt work out something in detail
They had elaborated Major's teachings into a complete system of thought, to which they gave the name of Animalism.
expound (vt)
describe and explain something in detail
They expounded the principles of Animalism to the otehrs.
apathy (n)
lack of enthusiasm or energy
At the beginning they met with much stupidity and apathy.
large black bird of crow family
unfailing in xxxx
never fails in
The cart-horses were unfailing in the attendance at the secret meetings in the barn.
as it turned out
as a result
As it turned out, the rebellion was achieved much earlier and more easily than anyone had expected.
to make somebody lose hope and enthusiasm
Mr. Jones had become much disheartened after losing money in a lawsuit.
crust (n, c,)
piece of bread
He fed Moses on crusts of bread
tormentor (n)
a cause of mental anguish, physical pain, annoyance, or anxiety
they flung themselves upon the tormentors
grass-covered land used for grazing livestock
A little way down the pasture there was a knoll (little hill)that commanded a view of most of the farm.