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What is genu varum?
What is genu valgum?
knock knees
what is typical progression for knees?
babies are born bowlegged; between 2-3 this decreases and by 3 child is maximally knock kneed
when does knock knees usually correct?
by 7
How do you follow varus?
measure distance between knees with ankles together every 6 months
How do you follow valgus?
measure distance between ankles with knees together every 6 months
Which causes more problems, persistant genu varum or persistant genu valgum?
persistant genu varum can cause damage to the medial aspect of the knee joint
differential diagnoses of angular deformities (i.e. genu varum/valgum)
Blount disease, tumor, infection, rickets, renal disease, various dysplasias (dwarfisms)
What is Blount disease?
medial proximal tibial physis becomes sick and doesn't function well, leading to undergrowth of the medial side of the tibia
treatment for Blount's
may try braces under 4; osteotomy to realign tibia between 3-4 years
When order x-rays for angular deformities?
unilateral, very asymmetric, painful, or not following usual trend