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Mary marries Philip II
Hapsburg-Valois Wars, Philip looses Calais to French
Elizabeth inherits war with France and Allicance with Spain
Philip II proposes marriage with Eliz
Treaty of Cateau-Cambrėsis
Spain and France at peace, England to regain Calais after 8 years
Treaty of Hampton Court with French, gives aid to French Heugonauts
Council of Trent
Philip invites Eliz in hope she will convert, protects her from excommunication
Dutch Revolt
Affects trade and English Protestants want to help the Dutch
Commercial Disputes
Eliz steals 40,000 florins meant to pay troops in Netherlands
Both sides then sieze eachothers ships and property if in port
Elizabeth excommunicated
Treaty of Blois
French stop supporting Mary Queen of Scots
Alliance against Spain if attacked
Convention of Nijmegen
Trade between England and Spain resumed, England to stay out of Netherlands
England tries to negotiate between Spain and the Netherlands
Spain to grant privilages in return for acknowledgement of sovreignity
Pacifacation of Ghent
Spanish Army defeated and retreat from Netherlands, Eliz offers 100,000 if they don't keep to the agreement to stay out

Francis of Anjou wants to ally with Dutch against Spain and get his own Kingdom, Eliz offers Dutch 100.000 if French invade
Philip pays for Papal invasion of Ireland
Eliz supports French invasion of Netherlands but fails

Philip begins to send Jesuit Priests to England to give Mass to Catholic nobles etc.
Supports Mary Q. of Scots' plots to escape and take throne through Spanish invasion.
Philip seizes English shipping in Indies as they intervening when said wouldn't

Treaty of Nonsuch
Eliz sends 5,000 troops and 1,000 cavalry to Netherlands, Drake also sent to attack Spanish ships in the Indies
Philip gains Papal support for an Armada of 21 ships and 17,000 troops under Parma
English Navy blocked Channel, Parma and Medina Sidonia not communicating so didn't know when to cross
English send fire ships into Calais, burn Spanish ships.
Battle of Gravelines, Spanish can't board like want to because Eng ships faster, better guns
Spanish retreat, storm blows them round Scotland and Ireland, only 6 get back to Spain
Philip sends 2 more Armadas but both fail because of weather
No peace until 1604
After 1588