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Where did the Celtic people originate?
France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovakia
Who were the original inhabitants of England?
The Iberians
What are the names of the two Celtic tribes that settled in the British isles and where did they settle?
Britons settled in England;Gauls settled in Ireland
Celts were skilled _________.
Where did the Celts see spirits?
everywhere: rivers, trees, stones, ponds, fire, thunder,etc.
What were the intermediaries b/w the spirits and the people?
Priests called Druids
In the Celtic culture, women were ______ to men and had _____ power.
Did the Celts have their own language?
What is the Roman Conquest and when did it take place?
When Julius Caesar conquered Britain in 55 B.C.
Who started Roman colonization and when did this occur?
Claudius established Roman rule in Britain which happenned in 43 A.D.
Who is one of the most famous heroines of Britain?
Boadicea, Queen of Iceni tribe of the Celts
How did Boadicea die?
She committed suicide after her forces were defeated.
During Pax Romana, Rome _______.
held dominion over much of the known world
What did the Romans accomplish?
Built a network of roads to facilitate trade, collect taxes, and move troops.
During Pax Romana, _______ began to vanish.
The Old Celtic religion
When did the Romans evacuate from Britain and what did they leave behind?
409 A.D. left roads, walls, villages, and public baths but no central govt.
When did the second group of invaders come and who were they?
449 A.D. Angles and Saxons from Germany and Jutes from Denmark
What did the Angles and Saxons establish Britain as?
Engla Land or England
Was Anglo-Saxon England politically unified?
No, it was divided into several independent principalities, each with its own king.
What was discovered in 1939 in Suffolk, England?
An enormous ship-grave, Sutton Hoo, that contained vast treasures.
What was the Anglo-Saxon society centered around?
Warfare and protecting their home and clan from enemies
The Anglo-Saxons were an ____ and ____ people.
agricultural and semi-nomadic
What are the 2 classes within the Anglo-Saxons?
The Earls and The Churls
Did women have rights in the Anglo-Saxon society?
What was the Anglo-Saxon communal hall used for?
meetings, feasting, storytelling, and drinking mead
What are skilled storytellers called?
What type of religion were the Anglo-Saxons?
What does wyrd mean?
one's fate in life
Did the Anglo-Saxons believe in an afterlife?
No, they believed immortality or fame was the only way to survive death.
When was Beowulf first recorded?
700 A.D.
What is Beowulf?
an epic Anglo-Saxon poem
In 730 A.D. the Venerable Bede wrote what?
The Ecclesiastical History of the English People
Who is known as the Father of English History?
The Venerable Bede
How many people speak English?
over 300 million
What languages influenced England?
Celtic, Latin, and German
What is the Anglo-Saxon perid?
449-1066 A.D.
The Anglo-Saxons ruled most of Britain by what year?
600 A.D.