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Arteriovenous fistula - abnormal communication between arteries and veins is usually secondary to _ ?
Ischemic changes, aneurysm formation, HIGH OUTPUT CARDIAC FAILURE - name type of aneurysm
Atherosclerotic aneurysm often occurs where?
Usually in ABDOMINAL aorta, located between renal arteries and iliac bifurcation
Congenital medial weakness at the bifurcations of cerebral arteries
Berry aneurysm
Most common location for berry aneurysms
Circle of Willis
Berry aneurysms usually hemorrhage where
Subarachnoid space
3 most common causes for dissecting aneurysms
Cystic medial necrosis
TEARING PAIN, longitudinal separation of tunica media of aortic wall - type of aneurysm
Obliteration of vasa vasorum, necrosis of the media - type of aneurysm
Syphyllitic aneurysm usually involves which vessels
Involves ASCENDING aorta and aortic root, aortic valve insufficiency
This type of aneurysm is caused by inflammation secondary to bacterial infection, usually salmonella - involves abdominal aorta
Mycotic (infectious)
Which disease is associated commonly with berry aneurysms
Adult polycystic kidney disease - AUTOSOMAL DOMINANT disease gene is located on chromosome 16
This disease is characterized by rashes, lymphadenopathy, CONDYLOMATA LATA, ARGYLL ROBERTSON PUPIL ( PUPILS CONSTRICT WITH ACCOMODATION BUT NOT WITH LIGHT), and aortic root aneurysms
Tertiary syphillis