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What are three physical effects of atropine?
What organ metabolizes atropine?

What organ metabolizes atropine?

What are three uses of the drug atropine?
1. Preanesthetic
2. Treatment of sinus bradycardia
3. Antidote for organophosphate
Name three precautions of atropine.
1. Mydriasis ( pupil dilation )
2. decreased tear production
3. do not mix with diazepam
Name two signs of toxicity of atropine?
1. excitability
2. tachycardia
Name three effects of acepromazine.
1. Calming effect
2. muscle relaxant
3. decreased motor activity
Name three uses of the drug acepromazine?
1. preanesthetic agent
2. tranquilizer
3. antiemetic
Acepromazine is metabolized by what organ?
What are two precautions of the drug acepromazine?
1. Lowers seizure threshold.
2. Excitement rather than sedation.
Name one contraindication for the use of acepromazine.
Epilepsy/seizure patients.
Name three physical effects of the drug diazepam?
1. Antianxiety and calming effect.
2. Skeletal muscle relaxation.
3. Anticonvulsant activity.
Name four uses of diazepam.
1. Preanesthetic
2. sedative
3. in animals experiencing seizures
4. as an appetite stimulant for cats
Diazepam is metabolized by what organ?
Diazepam should be protected from light. True or False
Diazepam should not be stored in a syringe, bag, or tubing. True or False and why.
True, diazepam is readily absorbed into
the plastic.
Name three precautions of the drug diazepam.
1. rapid IV administration may cause bradycardia.
2. May cause significant thrombophlebitis.
3. Crosses placenta.
If given too much ( toxicity ), what four things may you see?
1. ataxia
2. confusion
3. coma
4. hypotension
What are the three physical effects of xylazine?
1. calming and sedation
2. muscle relaxation
3. suppresses salivation
4. suppresses GI motility
5. can trigger emesis ( vomiting)

( Pick 3 to know at level VA2 )
Name three uses of xylazine.
1. PA- preanesthetic
2. short periods of analgesia ( pain relief)
3. sedation
Xylazine is metabolized by what organ?
What are three precautions when using xylazine?
1. vomiting (50%dogs,90%cats)usually within a few minutes- monitor animals carefully as they may aspirate.
2. severe respiratory depression
3. depresses thermoregulatory system- therefore the need to watch temp
One major precaution for humans handling xylazine.
It can be absorbed through skin abrasions and mucous membranes
Name three effects of the drug Domitor
( Medetomidine).
1. calming and sedation
2. muscle relaxation
3. suppresses salivation
4. decreases GI motility
5. can cause vomiting
Name 4 precautions of the drug domitor.
1. Mucous membranes cannot be used as a vital sign for oxygen saturation, they may appear blanched and or blue(cyanotic).
2. bradycardia
3. respiratory depression
4. decreased blood pressure
What is the reversal agent(antagonist) for xylazine?
What is the reversal agent for Domitor?
1. Antisedan
Toxicity of the drug xylazine presents itself in what three ways?
1. hypotension
2. seizures
3. profound central nervous system depression
Toxicity of the drug Domitor presents itself in what 5 ways.
1. bradycardia
2. occasional AV block
3. hypothermia ( decreased temp)
4. vomiting
5. hyperglycemia(increased BG level)
Name 5 physical effects of the drug torbugesic( butorphanol ).
1. respiratory depression
2. hypotension
3. bradycardia
4. increased repsonse to noise
5. excessive salivation
A physical effect of the drug butorphanol is miosis in dogs and mydriasis in cats. True or False
What are 3 uses of the drugs oxymorphone and torbugesic?
1. PA (preanesthetic)
2. induction agents
3. analgesia
Does xylazine offer short periods of analgesia? true or false
What organ metabolizes both torbugesic and oxymorphone?
What is the reversal agent for torbugesic and or oxymorphone?
What precautions are there for oxymorphone?
1. causes initial panting in dogs
2. incoordination in cats with high doses
3. decreases blood pressure
4. decreases cardiac contractility
5. bradycardia
What precautions are there for the use of torbugesic?
1. apnea
2. mild bradycardia
3. mild decreased blood pressure
4. incoordination
5. excitement and dysphoria
What are four physical effects of the drug Pentothal?
1. high degree of respiratory depression related to dose and rate of administration
2. increases salivary secretions
3. CNS depression
4. suppresses the respiratory centers in the brain
Name two uses of the drug Pentothal.
1. Sedation
2. Induction agents
Is a premedication with atropine always recommended with barbituate(Pentothal) administration?
Please explain how pentothal should be administered.
Administered to effect- 1/3 of the total dose is given IV over 3- 10 seconds, animal is observed for 1 minute and then more is given if needed
Pentothal is metabolized by what organ?
There are some significant precautions with the use of pentothal. Please name at least four precautions.
1. pentothal is only stable for 3 days at room temp, or 7 days refrigerated
2. perivascular infiltration ( outside of the vein) may cause local necrosis
3. transient apnea
4. repeated administration is cumulative
5. muscle relaxation and poor analgesic
Pentothal use is contraindicated in sighthounds. True or False and why
true, sighthounds have slow metabolism, low body fat, and are heavily muscled
Name three signs of toxicity, with the drug Pentothal.
1. Resp and cardiovascular depression
2. hypothermia
3. hypotension
Name three uses of the drug ketamine.
1. for restraint
2. analgesia
3. induction agent
Name six physical effects of the drug ketamine.
1. hallucinations
2. confusion, agitation, and fear
3. increased sensitivity to light and sound
4. increased heart rate
5. increased blood pressure
6. excessive salivation
Name three precautions with the use of ketamine.
1. Recovery is hyperresponsive with ataxia
2. Eyes remain open, central and dilated- the need ofr eye lubrication is great to avoid corneal drying
3. Can induce significant respiratory depression at high doses or if given too rapidly IV
Ketamine is metabolized by what organ?