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Define Analgesia
Freedom from or absence of pain
Define Sedation
A state characterized by depression accompanied by drowsiness. The patient will be unaware of its surroundings
Define Tranquilization
a state of behavioral change, wherein anxiety is relieved and the patient is relaxed, although the patient is aware of its surroundings
In what stage of anesthesia would you likely see pupil dilation with prominent eyelash, palpebral and corneal reflexes.(You would also see nystagmus in horses)
Stage 2
In what plane of Stage 3 anesthesia would an animal be if painful procedures cause an increase in heart and respiratory rates, tactile and palpebral reflex no longer occur, and the third eyelid partially covers the cornea in the dog and cat. (The cornea may be completely hidden by the lower eyelid of the cow
Plane 2
In What plane of Stage 3 anesthesia may a dog horse and cow be intubated but not a pig or cat
During plane 3 stage 3 anesthesia where will the cornea be
centered between the palpebra
Besides eyeball rotation what other physical cues can be used to determine depth of anesthesia
Yawning - persists to stage 3
Ear Flick - stage 3 plane 2
Anal reflex - dangerous depth
What type of Medical Gas tank is Blue
Nitrous oxide
What is the purpose of the Pin Index Safety System (P.I.S.S)
To prevent type E cylinders from being placed on the anesthesia machine incorrectly/
What system is used to prevent incorrect connection of type G cylinders to an anesthetic machine
Diameter Index Safety System (D.I.S.S.)
Will the pressure reading on an oxygen cylinder decrease as the volume of the material in the tank reaches half? A nitrous oxide cylinder

What are the 4 components of an anesthesia machine
Oxygen Source
Flow meter
T/F A flow meter directly measures the flow of gas
F - Flow is measured as the pressure difference across the bobbin
What is the one and only use of the flush button
you want the patient to wake up
what is the Metabolic demand for oxygen in a dog
10 ml/kg
T/F - It is appropriate to adjust the pop-off valve if the rebreathing bag isnt staying full(assuming there are no leaks in the system)
What are 2 ways to tell if the soda lime in a rebreathing circuit is used
Color change - change in pH
Granules become hard
What size should the reservoir bag be in a rebreathing circuit
bag volume should be 2-5 times the patient's tidal volume
What is the advantage of a Bain coaxial nonrebreathing circuit
exhaled gasses warm inhaled gas, decreasing heat loss