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to prevent depletion of backup gas supplies do this after cracking cylinder to check pressure
close valve
"fail-safe" mechanism uses a ___ to detect decreased O2 ___
diaphragm, pressure
positive pressure leak check by Y-connector manual occlusion only detects leaks to ___
check valve
positive pressure leak check is a ___ dependent check
When the O2 flush valve is depressed, the line will be depressurized (T/F).
Only if there is no open O2 supply, e.g. open cylinder or connected wall hose.
4 circuits
high pressure
low pressure
In the event that the wall supply is pressurized, what would you have to do to switch to cylinder supply?
Disconnect wall supply because its higher pressure will activate cylinder check valve.
A thorough leak check includes each vaporizer (independently, simultaneously).
possible cause of CO2 in inspiratory line
stuck expiratory valve due to humidity
normal CO2 concentration in inspiratory line
hose compliance and extra tubing length (increases/decreases) dead air space and (increases/decreases) tidal volume needed for ventilation
increases, increases
breathing circuit disconnect would be more difficult to detect in which type of ventilator bellows
pressure dependent leak check
negative pressure or bulb at CGO
common gas outlet
volume dependent leak check
positive pressure occlusion at APL and Y-connector
because it is volume dependent, this leak check is not sensitive enough to detect leaks upstream from the CGO
positive pressure check
full O2 tank pressure
1900 psi
130 atm
full N2O tank pressure
745 psi
half N2O tank pressure
745 psi
half O2 tank pressure
950 psi
O2 pipeline supply pressure
55 psi
O2 cylinder supply pressure
40-45 psi
Which is greater? Pipeline supply pressure or cylinder supply pressure? Why?
pipeline, so switches to cylinder when falls below cylinder supply pressure
list in order the major components of the anesthesia machine before the CGO
O2 supply
on/off switch
O2 low pressure alarm
anesthesia ventilator driving gas circuit
fail-safe or OFPD
second stage regulator
pressure relief valve
outlet check valve
oxygen failure protection device
line pressure after second stage regulator
14 psig
2 atm
reason for second stage regulator
upstream pressure variation will not affect downstream O2 concentration
functional difference between fail-safe and OFPD
diaphragm vs. spring/pin
positive on/off of N2O vs. gradual decrease
vaporizer interlock system consequence
only one vaporizer can contribute to line at a time
uses for O2 flush valve
emergency O2 delivery
quick charge circuit
depressurize system
modifications for insuring delivery of min. O2
fail-safe or OFPD
linked valves
minimum O2 flow built in
bobbin spins
flowmeter order
gas flow through vaporizer depends on positive pressure upstream
plenum vaporizer
gas flow through vaporizer depends on negative pressure downstream
draw-over vaporizer
early plenum vaporizer
Boyle's bottle
effect on temperature of anesthetic as gas passes through it
decreases due to vaporization
effect of cooling of anesthetic on vaporization rate
concentration of anaesthetic leaving a Boyle's bottle depends on...
gas flow
partially overcomes problem of flow dependence in vaporizer
vapor saturation in vaporizing chamber
vaporizers are made of metal because...
metal conducts heat and stabilizes temperature during vaporization
liquid injection of anesthetic adjustable by throttle is designed to avoid...
temperature related changes in anesthetic concentration
a heated chamber and variable rate solenoid release a certain number of moles of anesthetic independently of...
gas flow rate
adiabatic changes